Franken’quilt’ Boxed Basted!

HPIM2620.jpgGeeze O Pete!! This seemed to take forever for me .. I really struggled to baste this quilt. Granted I named it while basting it .. Franken’quilt’ Boxed seems to fit the bill for this quilt perfectly! Not sure if you remember this quilt. I started this quilt initially when Kyle was 2 ½ – 3 years old. It was supposed to be for his twin bed – his first Big Boy Quilt! Well life interfered (as it normally does) and due to time, space, etc – my quilting stuff was put away for several years. I pulled this one out last year when I finally got to unpack all my quilting stuff and didn’t want to waste it. I had enough fabric to expand the top to fit a double, but had to really stretch my ‘creativity’ for the borders. This post here goes into more detail – and this post shows a few of the challenges that I faced with it. I won’t go into the border issues I had with this .. that was it’s own separate entity and living thru it once was quite enough (!)

HPIM2621.jpgOh the name?? That was easy .. I’m not sure what I did, but there were some doozy of mistakes in this one … didn’t cut straight? Sew straight? Your guess is as good as mine – it was 10 years ago when I first made these blocks. And the basting! I started out doing thread basting – I didn’t think that I would have had enough pins for pin basting, so I figured – do each block separately as I’ll work on one block at a time. Well – it bloody well took forever!! It just dragged and dragged and dragged … I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with it(!) I also wanted to do thread basting also because sometimes I don’t pin-baste close enough, and I’ve had enough issues with my backs puckering lately that I didn’t want to add that sin to this quilt on top of all the others I’ve committed with it pfft. But the pins came out, and then I flew thru this .. and thru my pins too – so back to thread basting I went. In this pic here you can see some of the issues that I created with this quilt.  See the imaginative piecing I did here??  There’s other places just like all over the quilt – poor thing.

I was hoping to get to get to the fun part tonite and actually print out the motif and get it sized right and start to trace out the 20 blocks I need. Not going to happen .. it’s almost 3am and I still have to press Reg’s shirt for the Regional finals (I think??) tomorrow in Sarnia .. (No I’m not going :D) They won the game on Sunday, and have to win in Sarnia in order to go to Ottawa for OFSSA – Let’s hope they win!!

Tomorrow I’ll do the fun part .. maybe I’ll feel a bit better too .. Reg and I seem to have picked up a bug and are suffering from some coughing, sneezing, tender throat and sinus icks. Hopefully tomorrow I can start to quilt!! Wouldn’t that be nice!

3 thoughts on “Franken’quilt’ Boxed Basted!

  1. That is a funny name. If the shoe fits right. Pinning quilts is what I like the least about making quilts. I have a few that need to be finished.


  2. Very clever the way that you upsized the quilt!

    And no, I don’t think anyone needs to apologize or lose any sleep over the quality of piecing or cutting or sewing they did TEN years ago. Heck, I’m tempted to use that excuse on a recent project that just won’t fit together – “Oh, I made that ages ago. I don’t know what I was thinking when I put it together!!”

    BTW, I use spray baste. Pins get in the way and thread gets caught (and is a pita). And since I have to spray outside, I also only baste at certain times of the year!!


  3. Brava! Brava! Great to see a finish on this one for you! So now the quilting fun begins. I have only one question for you Gracie–Where did you find the backing for his quilt? LOL in the closet I like to hide in? ROFL and as for quilting sins of the past? Aint no quilt cops here and don’t be so hard on yourself!


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