Motif N basting

Two million motifs later and I finally decided on one – it’s not all frilly and fru fru .. (do you know how hard it is to actually find a masculine-type quilting motif????), that works with the lines of the quilt and has an interesting pattern 😀 And a nice pattern for the borders too, which are 6″ wide on this quilt – well the outer one is, the inner is 2″ I think.

kyle-bed-main.jpgkyle-bed-border.jpgFor the main part of his quilt, I’m going to use this one here .. it creates a nice flowing design that seems to flow quite nicely .. but then again, I’m biased and slightly cross-eyed after going thru so many of them. The one on the right will be the border motif.

kylebedmotif.jpgHere’s a quick mock up of how it will look – I didn’t save this with the border motif in as the picture is rather cock-eyed and it’s hard to see just how it does look – but this one will be easy to create the corners with the looping curls cater-corner to the other. And I might put a star or some such thing in the corner or even his hand or footprint .. I’ve done that on his other quilts I’ve made .. sort of like a growth chart of sorts.

HPIM2619.jpgI finally got this one ready to baste the other nite, not made a lot of progress with it as it’s been silly crazy here this week. I submitted my resume for a CSR position two weeks ago, and I had 3 interviews in as many days and walked out of there on with a job. Not sure of the start date as yet as there are conflicting training schedules for another group they hired on, but I’m looking at maybe the 9th of March as my start date … so I’ve a week to get as much done as I can before I start back to work full-time and then the ensuing adjustments that happen from that .. I’m sure I’ll come home from work bone-dead tired and just sleep LOL .. we’ll have to see .. I might not. Add into this mix, the basketball semi-finals and finals for tier and city championships .. so there’s getting stuff ready for the game, washing uniforms, folding them, fixing them if need be, pressing reg’s shirts and then helping out at the school where needed – which has only been last Thursday 🙂 But the city finals are tonite and we are going to stay for the game after as it’s reg’s friend and he wants to see how they do. I’m sure that Shadow (pictured) and Pixel will guard my basting and make sure it’s appropriately broken in for use after quilting 😉

5 thoughts on “Motif N basting

  1. Really intriguing choices on the motifs Gracie 🙂 Hey and congrats on the new job! Somethings in life are well worth waiting for and this sounds like a plum job tailored just for you!


  2. I like your motifs, Grace. Deciding how to quilt a quilt is always hard for me.

    You are really going to be busy, going back to work! I hope it works out very well for you.


  3. I like the motif you picked out. Never seen that one. It will look great. Congrats on the new job. Don’t wear yourself out too quick.


  4. Your shadow looks like my Max! Whom my dgd & dd call MAD MAX, he is a one person cat! He was helping me press fabric this afternoon, until I got the squirt bottle, too many bad associations for him!


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