Michigan Left Quilted

HPIM2610.jpgPlan B worked!! Granted I have a few fine tunes to add to my previous lists of things I’ve learned, but would you have expected anything less from me 😀 All in all I’m pleased with this – VERY pleased! I was beginning to think I would never get this quilted as it wouldn’t speak to me – or it wasn’t saying what I wanted it to say .. take your pick .. I know I wanted to do a continuous quilting pattern on this, I just had to find a way to do it – and thanx to Val for her timely hint for using quilter’s paper, I did find a way.

HPIM2613.jpgI’ve been mentioning in my posts that there’s a Plan B½ .. well if you notice here, the full sheet of tissue paper, covers most of this quilt – I ran into issues with 2 – 4 pieces of paper overlapping and it not tearing easily off .. another issue I ran into was the pattern repeats and the tissue i wasted with the overlapping and cutting off .. what occurred to me AFTER I had already gotten the pieces all printed out last nite, was that I could have used a full sheet of tissue paper and traced the whole design (repeats included) on the one sheet + and not had so many layers to contend with, and it would have been easier to keep my design lined up in the quilt top .. I was off a smidge in the corner when I first started and the result of that is my quilting pattern climbs up from the top right corner … not so bad that you would notice, but it created some havoc for me when I was quilting it as my path fell off the map so to speak .. Even cutting this sheet into 4ths, would reduce the chance of it being off-kilter .. But I know for next time.

Tracy’s comment on yesterday’s post about giving the quilt a tug with all the tissue on, was spot on .. made this so much easier to take off (excluding the 2 – 4 layers) and it prolly took hours off the tissue removal .. not that it jumped off the quilt, taking the paper off will take time .. I passed the time by watching tv (actually listening) with Reg.

Now I’m going to take the quilting out for the top and bottom borders (some minor puckering there), and put in my hanging sleeve .. I knew I was going to take the top border stitching out for the sleeve all along .. I just didn’t want to have to worry about if I was quilting the sleeve where it shouldn’t have been – And for the borders .. I’m not thinking of quilting them .. i’m just likely to leave them as they are to create more of a frame around this quilt.

That was fun! I can’t wait to use this on my case #128 big fan quilt 😉 that is going to be soooo cool!!!


5 thoughts on “Michigan Left Quilted

  1. That turned out AWESOME!!!!!! I love it! I really like the white thread on it. This has given me incentive to do a pattern similar to this on my Faith Quilt :0


  2. It looks great! I quilted through paper once before I got my longarm – some motifs in alternate blocks but I wouldn’t want to do it again – pulling the paper was a pain!

    Is this a split 9 patch?


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