Case 128 – Top DONE!!

HPIM2584.jpgAll I can say is WOW .. it’s DONE DONE DONE!!!! **kittyhappydancing here

Yesterday seemed to drag progress wise .. All I had managed to get accomplished yesterday was the top and bottom pieced border, plus get the wide border cut out. I had a dilemma of sorts yesterday. I discovered that AMC was playing “The Untouchables” with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro last nite .. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Sean Connery fan and I used to watch the original Untouchables TV series with Robert Stack (I think that’s his name) when they were re-run late at nite many years ago and had never seen this version .. so I wanted to watch it .. So that rather put the finishing of this quilt off until after that movie .. oh geeze guess what was on afterwards??? The Invisible Man Returns with Vincent Price .. I’m a HUGER Vincent Price fan than Sean Connery .. so that rather tore any more progress on this quilt .. but I did work on my hoodie or not while I was watching these movies ..

Today was a new day as they say .. Oh I did measure it up and average what I would need for my borders .. Now this quilt was square before I put the pieced border and something I did with that, wonked my quilt .. – am still trying to figure out what I did to goof THAT up .. I am sooo glad that I had that outer border for one last square attempt.

HPIM2579.jpgMeasuring left to right in 3 places gave me; 57″, 56¼” and 56½” – that averaged out to 56.58″ which I bumped to 56.625 or 565/8” With that put on, I measured top to bottom and ended up with; 52¾”, 52¼, and finally 52¾” again. So the average worked for easing the wonky factor out. This averaged to 525/8“. Now I didnt measure it again, but as you can see .. there are no obvious biting you on the nose waves or hills .. there were a few after the pieced border went on, but I guess I’ve managed to work them out. And what I haven’t, maybe I’ll adjust a seam or quilt the snot out of it …

But this top can be called done and will wait it’s turn in my WIP pile for basting and quilting 😀 I still think that this would have been better with the outer border being light blue … I think it would have given more definition to the sawtooth border (all 92 HSTs of it!!) heh .. if you’re going to do all that work, I think it should pop more .. chances are, this is mostly due to my colour choices .. if it wasn’t for the twill tape, the blues would have blended in spots like it did in the sawtooth border …

10 thoughts on “Case 128 – Top DONE!!

  1. I had to laugh at your dilemma about piecing borders vs watching Sean Connery. The Untouchables is one of my all time favorite SC movies – my very favorite (and one of my all time favorite movies ever) is “The Man Who Would Be King” with him and Michael Caine. If you haven’t seen that – catch it sometime… It’s from the mid-70’s and I didn’t have a clue who Sean Connery was, as I wasn’t a 007 fan. And rest assured, The Untouchables was what I was watching last night, as well. And I believe you are correct about Robert Stack in the original!

    As for your top – it’s gorgeous as is; but, I think you are right – it would be eye-popping with the light for the outer border. (As you say, the effort of all those HST’s deserves the max poppage possible!) So if you hate it, you should send it to Texas to live with me ;0}



  2. Grace once again you have solved a marvelous quilt pattern. I love the fabs you picked, this is a great eye-candy. I think you should send it to IN and not Texas. Sorry Bobbie, IN comes before TX flying south from Canada, at least the last time I looked on the map.
    Brenda M

    LOL brenda thank you

    The colours are really nice .. Soothing even – and I learned a new technique with this one .. I just LOVE learning new stuff

    Egads .. You guys LMAO!!!!!!! I think I’ll keep it here



  3. What beautiful quilt. I love the pattern 🙂 I have grandmothers fan blocks that would look good in that setting. Also, I see in your todo column a Quilt Michigan left. I live in Michigan and was wondering what this was 😉


  4. Gracie, absolutely delightful eyecandy for these old eyes! I thought about how to make that sawtooth border pop out — have any black twill tape left? But…I like it like it is and I’m with Bobbie on this one–we will draw straws to see who gets it to languish on whose veranda, that is IF you decide it needs a new home! LOL JK I know you will have it on your bed prettily displayed in good time!
    Oh, and congrats on the Guest Blogger! WooHoo!!!



  5. I like the *quilting the snot out of it* plan. It does look nice and flat with no wavy edges so I’m sure you did a good job of taming that pieced border.


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