Case 128 – Borders


Border 1

I know .. what an imaginative title .. but how many ways can you title a post regarding borders LOL … I got the first border cut and put on – easy peasy – quilt was actually square (Imagine THAT!!) so that made my life just ooooh so simple .. I know that the picture looks like it’s puckered at the bottom, but that’s cause by my wireless headset that we have to plug into the front of the TV .. I should remove it right?? But that would be way to easy ..

Then I got to the “fun part” .. squaring up 50 million 2½” HSTs .. well not 50 million, but it sure feels like it when you have a whack of them to do .. actually the total HSTs for the second border is 92. My solution saves my knee and back and my temper .. I square what I need for each section (the borders are each 2 sections per side), stitch them together, then repeat the process for the next section ..

When I finished the first one, I placed it against the quilt on my ironing board for safe keeping .. then it hit me .. I would have LOVED to have done the outer border (3rd border) the same colour as the light colour like so on the left – instead it’s going to look like the image on the right .. That’s the only problem with a mystery . you never know what you are getting and since I didn’t pull these out of my stash, I don’t have a mess of it lying around .. so I get to follow the designers vision for it .. It’s still going to look good .. but i think that using the lighter colour for the outer border would have really made the ‘fans’ POP more …


Light Outer Border


Dark Outer Border

I did a mock up in quilt pro of these borders and I do think that the light outer border would have been the best – but the colours isn’t exact here and it looks more blended with the darker blue outer border than you’d think


Light Outer Border mock up


Dark Outer Border mock up

HPIM2578.jpgWell it’s late and while I was hoping to have if not the whole top done, then at least the 2nd border done … well ½ works for me 😉 But I am ready to go for later on tomorrow (today actually :\), with my HSTs all trimmed up and ready to stitch together for the top and bottom middle (2nd) border


Stopping Point - 1 1/2 borders on

Oh and if you are at all curious, this is what it looks like at this point .. yes I noticed that the border is ‘backwards’ so to speak .. but that’s okay .. I’m not about to rip it out, I rather like the border as it is there. I did notice that while my quilt was square (amazingly enough!!), when I added on the sawtooth border, it rather pulled my top / bottom out of true a bit .. as my quilt is ¼” shorter than what she had designed it for .. so easing isn’t the best solution on pieced borders .. I’m glad that I have an outer border – and this will be the easiest to do .. just as easy as the first border .. just straight cutting and stitching .. so hopefully I can work out any wonky, wavy issues then.


3 thoughts on “Case 128 – Borders

  1. Light blue boarder looks just find.

    Yesterday when you were trying to decide between # and #1 Last night I thought about you and your project and if you ever decide to do this again try taking #1 and put it on both side of #2 to see how that would look as a queen or king size quilt. It’s been bothing me becuase I design my own quilts and make one of a kinds and the thought just kept comiong across my mind… just a thought.

    Patricia Robertson

    I understand why it was hard to contact me before… it was because I had to many s’s in my e-mail address…corrected this morning sorry.


  2. I like the darker border better… it blends better to my eye, but yes, the fans pop a bit more with the lighter border.


  3. This is a beauty. I prefer the darker border, but of course you have it right there to look at while I’m looking at pictures. Gorgeous quilt. Very striking.


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