Case 128 Mystery Quilt

While I’ve been knitting my ‘Hoodie or Not’ sweater, my thoughts have been turning to Case 128; The Big Fan Mystery that Planet Patchwork did on New Year’s Day. I’ve been running a few layouts in my mind and have narrowed it down to 2 – they are very similar, but it’s just the movement that is different in them .. I tossed a few layout ideas in this post here and here. I really LIKED one of Merry’s layouts, but really wanted to do something different, so I went for my own twist (like this should surprise anyone).


Layout 1


Layout 2

I do really favour Layout 2 in this case, the motion pulls your eyes to the center while at the same time, making the quilt seem larger than it is.  Add the border that is on the same fabric as the blue fan part (I think), then it’ll look like it’s really floating and larger.  Least I think so …

Prolly won’t take me to long to sew the blocks together then do the borders .. now the borders haven’t been cut yet, and i’m likely to have to do a different one than she laid out as I somehow managed to goof up cutting the fans and might not have what I need to do the border her way .. geeze i hate waiting so long to work on something – I did have the numbers in my head and whatnot – now I have to refigure it again and I’m praying that I wrote these down .. if not, I have to reinvent the wheel .. sometime this week I’m hoping to get these blocks together 😉 THEN the border **sigh

And while I’m doing this, I’ll also be doing the sleeves on my purple hoodie .. once I work out the shoulder saddle that is ..


8 thoughts on “Case 128 Mystery Quilt

  1. For what its worth, Gracie, I too favor your layout in #2 🙂 for the same reasons–drawn to the center and looks larger than layout #1. Good luck with the handstitching on both the 1800 and Kyle’s quilt! You can do it girlie girl–One Stitch at a Time LOL ahem, s’cuse the pun there! I am with you in spirit and threading my own needles to finish a WISP, Aurora’s Dawn.


  2. I am working on having a website – have one but, not developed yet.
    This fan quilt is beautiful. I would vote for the second layout same as you. However, I would consider a very narrow border of the darkest fabric and then the lighter fan color whatever size you want. Something to stop your eye and refocus by using the very dark border first, I think. The larger border will still expand the size and look and floating aspect.

    Realizing you are struggling with this quilt a bit, here is a thought. The two borders would be sewn together first and then cut and sewn on as one piece each side rather than being sewn on individually.


  3. Grace, I really like layout 2 also. As you said, it draws the eye to
    the center and makes it look bigger. Great job, Grace!


  4. I’m with you; I favor layout plan 2 as well. Both are nice but Plan 1 just hit me as a bit boring as in ‘predictable’. I found Plan 2 much more dramatic.

    You do beautiful work! I’ve been following your knitting blog as well as I’m also a knitter as well as a spinner.


  5. So far, it’s unanimous. I LOVE #2. #1 is “ok” but #2 sings, for all the reasons that everyone else already listed!!! Good on you getting back to it. And, just think, you really need to get to the handwork on the 1800 before it gets too hot to hold it in your lap!


  6. Wow. Another great quilt. Now I’m sorry I didn’t at least save the instructions. I prefer #2 as well. Great job, Grace!


  7. I would just like to say that I love both of the designs, but #1 stops in it’s tracks and #2 seems as though if you wanted to exspand the quilt you could, because it has more demention than #1. Happy quilting to you. From these old eyes.



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