case 128 – Inner Top

Picking the layout I liked this time was easy peasy .. thank you everyone that commented on my choices 😀 I was glad that I gave this time to sit n ferment for a while – otherwise I wouldn’t have been to happy with the results as that layout hadn’t occurred to me yet.


Inner Top

The inner top went together no problems at all .. there are a few spots where either my cutting of the ‘fans’ was off or my stitching of the twill tape was off .. this was a totally new technique for me and, yes it can be seen, I’m not going to worry about it .. if I was to worry about it, the blocks would have been ripped apart and fixed then. I like it, I really do – Reg finally noticed it on my design wall last week and he said he really liked it .. here’s the kicker .. it had been up there since January LMBO!!!!! Gotta love him 😉

I really do like the way that this flows (and you don’t get dizzy looking at it either). The twill tape was a perfect separator for the 2 blues .. I had mentioned in a previous post that I was worried that they would blend to much, but that tape fixed that just fine! You know this would be cool to use for a quilt for my bed too … I do have to think of a winter quilt for it and I’ve a few ideas perking in my brain .. so we’ll just have to see ..

Now to square up all the HSTs for the border and figure out what I’m going to do with it .. Actually in the instructions you have the HSTs separated by a narrow border that allows the quilt to float on the background .. I think it’s a sweet border and hope I can make it work

Okay off to square up HSTs!


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