1800s as ONE

I‘m rather sitting here in stunned disbelief and am sort of at a loss for words (and you just so know that’s unusual for me ;)). Well, it’s all one piece .. all those itty bitty (hardly itty bitty) sections – as compared to the whole size of it, are together as one – and it was such a battle too – I think I did the Civil War all over again!!

hpim25521Back in September, I posted about a brain storm I had for not having to sew the backing by hand when the sections were together. Well twit for brains here did a great job on it – BUT, I neglected to jot down my numbers for this, and what steps I was doing – or if I did jot down the numbers and take notes, it’s vanished into the black hole that swallows up various other items in my sewing room (AKA the cat cave). So I had a LOT of stops and starts, refiguring, retrimming, and I was totally frustrated. I had a HUGE overhang that I was going to have to hand sew down anyways – after all that pinning and tuck n roll of the backing that I did .. I was so totally NOT impressed with myself – Then I hit a seam ….

hpim2554I thought I was on a roll until I hit the first cross seam – ohjesusmaryjoseph!!!! I gave up right then and there .. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to get over myself, put on my big girl pants and hand sew the back seams down ..

After I got over myself and took several deep steadying breaths, I moved right along and the rest went fairly quickly .. Just had to do a LOT of manhandling of a king size quilt (imagine if this had cotton batt instead of flannel!!!)

Several hours pass … Kid’s waiting for dinner – the dog’s dancing to be fed as well … I keep turning myself into a human pin cushion and seam ripper stabber ….

Well it’s together .. FINALLY – it’s all ONE piece .. amazing! I still need to sew the back seams, and then cut the binding .. oh the joys of a king sized quilt! Again 2 different angles with me contorting myself to get the pics .. but this is a much better picture than the sections just laid out me thinks ..

HPIM2557.jpg HPIM2555.jpg

HPIM2559.jpgThe back of the quilt isn’t all that bad in reality – it’s just the 2 long seams that need to be hand tacked down .. well wait a second – there are the seams that have the huge ‘overhang’ that I will do by hand as well …

HPIM2560.jpgHere’s a close up the upper right corner of the previous picture .. this was the section that just about had me in tears and where I finally just gave up and decided to hand sew ..

Am I totally pleased with it .. not sure right now .. I’m still rather frazzled from the battle of the seams and I rather feel like I’ve been beaten by an inanimate object and I just sooo hate that! On the bright side – it is in one piece WOW .. I guess .. now to stuff it in a closet and to not see it for a month or two LMBO .. ahem .. just kidding .. but it is tempting 😉


10 thoughts on “1800s as ONE

  1. Like I said last night dear lady, a sheeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr work of art and a labour of love 🙂 Congrats and what a great quilt! You are my hero 🙂


  2. WOW. Congratulations – it truly is stunning. :0-)

    (Are you doing something different with your pictures? They’re not showing up in the feed reader…)


  3. Grace,
    What a fabulous quilt .. you should be very proud of yourself for such an accomplishment. It’s truly stunning.

    Keep warm and happy quilting,


  4. Great, absolutely a great quilt. Don’t give up now, it is going to look wonderful on your bed. And I hope this is for YOUR bed and not for anyone else after this.


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