3 Sections Ready

Here’s a quick pic of the 3 sections, laid out as best as I could in the space I have. Granted I could likely use the bed, but you would see less of it as there is going to be some overhang.

I managed to get 2 different angles by smashing myself against the walls and contorting myself to try and stay as straight-on as possible .. heheh .. good thing no one was taking a pic of me while I was doing this .. There’s been a few shots that I’ve taken where I’ve had to drape backwards over monitors, furniture, tables and the like LOL

You can click these for a larger image in a new window.

HPIM2550.jpg HPIM2551.jpg

I’ll be working on getting all the sections together after I do some trimming of the backing and getting that tacked down. This quilt could actually be done soon :O WOW .. it’s rather mind-boggling .. the finish is going to be all the motivation I need right now to get this finished 😉

5 thoughts on “3 Sections Ready

  1. Wow it is going to be stunning. I have the same problem. Never enough room to spread out quilts for pictures. I usually just have to lay it on my bed for a picture.


  2. I can’t wait till it is done for you! It is going to be fab! Maybe I should look into doing a quilt as you go, since I don’t have area for a frame or big machine either!


  3. Gracie, this quilt is a work of art and for sure a labor of love! Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece 🙂 and how you manage to get a picture of the whole quilt LOL Great Job!!


  4. It’s been a while since I tackled a King size quilt and we really need one – the new mattress we bought a few years ago is taller than the one we were using when I made our two bed quilts. It’s another thing I keep putting off.

    Glad you got this all together – you’ll love it once it’s completely done.


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