More Knitting

I seem to be doing more knitting lately than fabric / quilt related. I seem to be in tv mode to want to watch tv and do hand work and well I can’t bring my machine and do my stitching / quilting in the living room … to much of a hassle to move it all, soooo more knitting. Also Reg’s been home lately due to lack of snow and the fact that he can’t run practices during exams – so that sets me off my stride a wee bit as he’s a lighter sleeper than normal (if that’s possible (!!)). So no quilting since I did my January Initial Challenge blocks .. **sigh But there is a silver lining – he’s running a basketball tourney again this weekend AND taking kyle to work in the store too 😀 😀 I’ll be quilting later

HPIM2475.jpgWhat I have done in the past few days is a matching headband for my shadow mittens. The designer, Tara, sent me over what I needed to do this in worsted weight as the original was for bulky / chunky weight. I got this hpim24741worked up in just a few hours, and voila – matching ear warmer to go with my shadow mittens :D. I think that they look really cool together .. altho I do have an idea perking in the back of my mind for another earwarmer – actually two ..I have 3 more skeins of this fabric and the earwarmers take up such a small amount of yarn, that’s it not even really worth mentioning! We’ll just have to see what I can come up with! HPIM2476.jpg

For my one skein group, we are doing hearts for February .. there are a TON of heart patterns on ravelry – everything from dishcloths, towels, mug cozies, coasters, bookmarks, you name it! I’ve queued up several to do as these projects will knit up very quickly! First one, is a two heart dishcloth, and there is a matching towel for this as well 🙂 – sorry it’s not in pink or red. The whole purpose of me joining one skein kal, was to get rid of my onsie twosie balls of yarn .. NOT add to it … so I’m treating these projects as stash busters.

It’s quiet in the house for now .. no clue how long that will last, but I am sincerely hoping that it lasts long enough for me to get some actual quilting done on my 1800s quilt! I would love to call that one finished! I won’t really be able to take pics until spring-like weather tho. This is a king-sized quilt, and I really don’t have a place to hang it from that won’t involve bumps underneath it from porch / deck railings. My dad has a sunroof at his house and I am going to hang it from the gutters there for a pic. No deck or anything that will wreck the flow of the quilt while hanging 🙂 Lord knows, when I’ll get a pic of it finished.

3 thoughts on “More Knitting

  1. Hi, I am looking for an ear warmer pattern…I actually like the button and you mentioned the original was with a button. If you have this pattern could you scan it for me to my e-mail address.



  2. I would also like the original pattern for the knit earwarmer with the button. Would really appreciate it. Let me know. Thanks, Mary


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