Shadow Mittens

HPIM2472.jpgWell I got my mittens done for my January KAL .. Now that felt really good to get that done! And they turned out so well too! The cable pattern didn’t show up well in the first pics I took of the first mitten as it wasn’t daytime light. I remembered to get them in daylight the next day and you can really see the cable pattern in these pics. These pics do do these mittens justice! I love the way the yarn pattern worked out in both mittens .. I didn’t plan it either – just worked out that way.

I even got so motivated after I did these that I wrote up the pattern! I tripled checked it and sure hope I am right – but it has been uploaded and added to the Ravelry Library – here.

hpim2473.jpgIf you aren’t on Ravelry, you can access this pattern thanx to Tracy, she’s created a pattern or whatever blog, Fiberbabblesays over on blogger and offered me guest posting privileges for whatever I wanted to put there. So, I took her up on this and posted the Shadow Mittens on her pattern blog – How cool is that! Thank you Tracy!! I’ve also linked a a pdf file over there as well ..that is uploaded to my server and it has some flaky issues at times. So, if you can’t download it, try again later. Now I do have an account at – they only offer embedded coding for the file itself, BUT you **MAY / MIGHT** be able to access this from my profile link – I’m not totally sure if you have to be a member (It’s free btw) or not, but it is worth a try.

Tracy discovered how you can have the link emailed to you without having to sign up for docstoc.

From docstoc, I clicked on the “email” button.  I put my email address in.  When I received the email,  I clicked on the link in the email and was taken to the doc, where I could click “download” and it worked – without me signing in.  So if someone wants the pdf and they don’t want to register at docstoc, you can click the email button and they’ll be able to get it anonymously.

How exciting and cool is THIS!! I’ve done my first knitting pattern and uploaded it too!!!

Tara from tara’s knits gave me a quick conversion for her earwarmer pattern from bulky to aran / worsted weight so I can have matching earwarmers for this! I’ll be working on this soon too! Who knows .. maybe I’ll find a scarf pattern I really like too 😉 I should have more than enough of this yarn to do all that as the mittens took less than 1 skein of dazzleaire yarn – which is 3½ oz – no band on this yarn, so I’m not entirely sure here ..sorry


3 thoughts on “Shadow Mittens

  1. Grace,
    They turned out beautifully! And after reading over the directions, I might even be caught trying cables again :0)
    Thanx for writing out the pattern!
    Bobbie in Texas (where we don’t DO mittens too often)


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