That is one way to describe Saturday – prolly a nicely polite way at least. I’ll go with that 🙂 Saturday started with me getting woken up after a few hours of sleep (the sleep part is my fault) to help Reg at the grade school basketball tourney he was running. I had agreed the nite before, as he was likely to be stuck short of bodies on Saturday am .. My job would have been to run the clock / scoreboard until the kids from his team started to roll in around noon – we are talking teenagers here … no way would they have woken up earlier!! Well, we got my bribe (2 XL Tims) and headed to the school. Reg was just showing me how to run the clock / scoreboard, when a kid walks in!! Praise God!! Now, I did question if he would be short still – he counters with, “this is your best time to go home” EEEK – talk about a dilemma, but I didn’t want to be stuck there all morning until he could take me home later … He took me home 😀 I grabbed my chance while I had it!

HPIM2467.jpgSo I get home and I’m awake but totally whacked and concentration was in short supply – one of those where you leave the room to get something and forget what you were doing in 4 steps .. I did not have enough sleep – I had pulled out my 1800 quilt the nite before and printed out what I needed to finish the quilting. Just to bring you up to speed – I have 7 of 9 pieces quilted; 1 basted, 1 that needs to be basted. My plan was to baste up the last section (oh joy, my favourite thing!!) then do the freemotion for both sections, then the straight line, and finally piece it all together. At that point all that would be needed would be the binding 😀 Which I’ve not cut yet! I laid out the section to mark it, and HPIM2468.jpgdecided that I needed to step away and get my mind ready for this. I wasn’t ‘there’ to quilt yet. Not sure if I can explain this correctly – but as I’m picking this up part way thru, I have to get a ‘feel’ for the quilting again and center myself in the project. With as tired as I was, I was nervous that I would do a HUGE utoh and ooboo and then I would really be ticked. So, I opted to do my January KAL mittens ..

HPIM2457.jpgThis has been picking / preying at my mind as a need to get it done, and I knew that these would be maybe a 2 day knit – I could get myself mentally set to do my quilting while working on these mittens.

First of all I had to pick my yarn. I’m not sure if you remember the bag of yarn from my post the other day. but this is what was in that bag. ESH! Now this did give me a better idea of what I’ve got, but there’s a lot of yarn there without the bands, so life gets interesting.   I did the WPI method around a pencil and discovered that most of this was worsted weight.  Which I wanted to use for my mittens so they would knit up fairly quickly.  I picked out my yarn for my mittens .. I opted to go with the variegated yarn with blues and burgundies and creams and a solid burgundy. Same yarn company made them. Plan was to make ribbing and cables with the solid yarn – (I remembered how my cable pattern disappeared when I used a variegated yarn in my Seuss socks) Now to pick the mitten pattern – easier said than done!

HPIM2458.jpgI had decided upon Moonlight Mittens, but found that I would have to carry the burgundy all the way around for being able to use it in only 6 stitches out of 36. Not what I really wanted to do .. so my plan needed to change.   Oh and you know that I had already started and was well on my way into the mitten body when I figured this out!!  Then I finally tripped over this adorable mitten pattern that uses a cable cuff like in my Seuss socks . this would be PERFECT!! So I downloaded the Cable Cuff Mittens, grabbed my yarn and started to knit. I used a smaller needle for a better fit for my hands .. ladies size 6 gloves are a large on me. That was part of the reason why i had a hard time starting this. I’ve not knit mittens in years and couldn’t do the mental math required to downsize the mittens for some stupid reason. I got 3 cable sets knit and then realized that this gauntlet is going to be really long .. not exactly what I wanted as my coats are tight-ish at the wrists – so frog the whole thing and then just do the one gauntlet section instead of 2. (My apologies for the blurry pics, didn’t realize they were this bad and I can’t retake more now) I had only 2 small balls of burgundy for this section, and I wasn’t going to make it with the yarn I had doing this pattern as you can see in the pic – that was only like cable set 5 and I certainly wasn’t going to finish 6 with what I had left. Okay so frog again!!! This is several hours later as I wasn’t in top speed due to be whacked from lack of sleep – I’ll say that prolly the day has passed at this point and I have NOTHING to show for it .. nothing at all!

HPIM2465.jpgSo I did some digging in my Vogue Knitting book and found a cable pattern that worked over 8 rows. The original pattern had 8 rows and I wanted to stick as close to it as possible. I work it up and I really do like it – a LOT! I finally get this done at stupid o’clock in the am .. my total completed for one day, was ONE cuff for ONE mitten .. **sigh .. Again the pictures didn’t turn out, and this one isn’t all that great either, but you get the gist of it. One itty bitty cuff for a mitten .. pfft!

HPIM2463.jpgNow Sunday was a bit different, I wasn’t in my quilt zone yet, but I knew I would get a lot more accomplished than I did yesterday .. and I did .. I followed the pattern for the mitten body – even tho these look nothing like the pattern – 90% of it is knitted from it. Actually I need to add a row here and there in various spots, but for the most part, I am tickled the death with mittens and am really pleased with how they turned out! I opted to knit ½” of ribbing on the top of the cuff to stabilize it more, and to just finish it off nicely!

So another day and I’ll be quilting – with the sticky spots worked out, I can set the back of my mind to gearing up for quilting and mentally brace myself for basting – oi how I hate basting now .. not sure why, but I really do .. maybe it’s handling the larger pieces of material on a smaller work space?? Might help if I cleared off my table a bit I guess. I’ve yarn and the bits n pieces from Matthew and Erica’s quilts still there .. yup might be time to clean up a bit.

You know .. amazingly enough I wasn’t getting all that frustrated – just groaning – a LOT, when I realized that I had missed another thing, or needed to start again ..

How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Hey, Grace!
    You always make me feel so lazy… oh, wait! I am lazy! LOL! Okay, we won’t call it lazy; we’ll call it unmotivated. That’s much more PC. 😉

    Great job being productive, and thanks for letting us into your weekend! Hugs!


  2. Well, girlfriend, I sympathize with your plight! I spent part of my weekend frogging the binding on the Quilt from Hades! It is now totally finished as that was what I spent this morning doing–putting the binding on the right way, that is! Now am working on my heart quilt that I just picked up the batting for this weekend! Seems like this was a weekend in which everyone wanted a piece of me so I am enjoying my Monday immensely! Missed you! on list!


  3. I do quilt a lot late at night but when I’m wide a awake – I’ve found it’s not a good thing to quilt when I’m too tired …it takes too long to frog out bad quilting.

    You’re getting lots of knitting done! I was really productive in January and won’t work as much in Feb.


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