January Initial Challenge is Done!

Well that’s nice to cross that off the list 😀 I did the last 2 blocks tonite – today was a tad bit crazy so not much else got done – well quilt or yarn related that is.


Air Castle

This block was rather fun to do – it uses QSTs and HSTs for the star points. What almost had me wondering ‘ut oh’, was that I thought I had turned the HSTs around – hey, you think that it’s not possible … but this is me we’re talking about here … anything is possible with me!! My points are spot on for the most part … I’m going to say 90% spot on and that’s plenty good enough for me! Because of all the triangles in this, I pressed the seams open for the middle and the star points. Where I put HSTs on, I pressed to dark and my seams actually married .. I wasn’t even planning on that!

Okay for a recap on the Challenge with my letters with the appropriate blocks and colours.


Grandma’s Star


Ribbon Star


Air Castle
Affair Amethyst




Eastern Blue

On an unrelated note – it’s been bloody cold here lately – single digits and below zero – Reg said to me today that he wore his plow hat / mask that I knitted him all nite last nite and it kept him nice and toasty warm!! Kyle said the same his mask keeps him warm as well .. granted he’s not out in the cold at nite like Reg is, but walking home from basketball practice sure gets chilly! So, that’s just awesome news that they are warm from something that took me a day basically to whip up!! How cool is THAT!  Nice to know that they are enjoying and benefitting from those masks .. and they were super simple to knit up too!


4 thoughts on “January Initial Challenge is Done!

  1. Love the Air Castles pattern. I have an “A”, I’ll have to make sure that’s on my list!

    About the men – Isn’t it great when they get it? AND remember to say something about it??


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