Devious colour Challenge

On OST, I have the fun job of being a moderator there .. my duties are pretty easy and lots of fun. We are an active list, so that means devising some way (or ways) to torture, ummmm entertain our members. Since I can’t always depend upon my muse to give me patterns on demand, I volunteered to be the “Challenge Mommie / Queen”. I’m good with that .. I can always think of ways to challenge myself and others as I always like to be extending my quilting techniques / skills.

Well one of my tortures, entertainments is underway – I’m running a wee bit behind, but that’s okay – I’ll catch up in good time. I spent most of yesterday and today working selecting my blocks and colours. Oh the challenge you say? Easy … Using the letters in your name, choose colours and blocks – but you must have 3 colours πŸ˜€ and only repeat your letters when you run out.

initial colour.jpgI trashed my first attempts. I just had wayyy to many blocks and I didn’t want it THAT crazy! Mine will hopefully end up as a lap quilt .. least that’s the plan at this point and that’s the way I’m designing it. Carmen found a really cool site for colour names and that has proved immensely helpful and actually helped me move forward on this .. Heheheheh – essentially whatever I have in my stash goes! So this will be a stash buster challenge for me as well – and I’m doing another twist on this .. I’m going to do mine scrappy πŸ˜€ I think that I’m going to have a lot of fun with it as well .. Oh I know the colours are really dour in this layout, but by the time I got to that point the last thing I wanted to do was scan in my fabrics and place them here and there .. the hope is that the background will be green if I have enough of it kicking around .. if not, then blue or purple (which I KNOW I have plenty of kicking around) With this one, I’m using 10 blocks used twice, and since this challenge isn’t being run monthly, that’ll be 5 blocks a month for me – I think I can handle that. This will give me a nice break while doing all that quilting that is waiting ooooh so patiently for me …

I’ve also been researching for the next challenge for OST with help from a few friends – so between the research and playing with this, I’ve not done much else – I have knitted about 2″ on my Kitchener socks – but I’ve not pulled my yarn for my January KAL yet tho .. I think I had better get moving on that.Β  Time to send Kyle to the basement for my yarn …

At any rate, I think that I’m going to pull some stuff from my stash and cut up some blocks and stitch a few – we’ll see – I’m pretty tired as someone decided to play a telephone version of knicky knocky nine doors this AM .. was I happy – NOPE .. did they know … oh yeah πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Devious colour Challenge

  1. While you Gracie are the Queen of challenges, I am Queen of Stash Acquistion, and don’t you forget that Missy!! LMAO Hey, and did you mention the extra curricular challenge of nudgergating all who are scrappy into following suit? Hmmmm…???? πŸ™‚ Well, not one to knuckly to challenge, this Queen is definitely in on that one! Hey, I meant to ask your Royal Highness, I have 5 letters in my first name, what if use all 5 letters for 5 different colors? and 5 different blocks? Would that be beating you at your own challenge, oh most High? LMAO again!!
    Signed, oh, oh, Dipped in Doodoo!

    LOL I’ll let you be the queen of stash acquisition (QSA & miss DiDD) lmao!!!

    I did in the list email .. So let’s see who else jumps on board with me .. Some have already bought their fabric so we’ll let them live πŸ™‚ This time ..

    I’m not sure I would speak to you if you weren’t oh scrappy one … Brown bag this one maybe carmen??? Hmmmmmm

    Bah … Okay I’ll be the Princess of Scrappy and Miss P&S LMAO!!!!

    Princess of Scrappy (Miss P&S)


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