Monday madness

It was a highly eventful weekend for me – more so than other’s have been. I left on Saturday am for a drive to Guelph for my aunt’s memorial service there -then there was the family dumping at my cousin’s in Kitchener – where I prevail on family and stayed overnite 🙂 and was welcomed with open arms. Then the next morning / afternoon, we did the return drive to come back to Windsor .. total time gone – approximately 30 hours . total miles covered .. 368 – now for medium to long-haul A-Z drivers that’s nothing .. but i normally go as far as the grocery store! But that being said, it was a bittersweet weekend, where we got to celebrate my aunt’s life and renew family bonds …and plot for a get-together in the summer sometime ..

Before I left for Guelph – Kitchener, I played with more layouts for the big fan mystery .. why oh why do I do this to myself!?!?!?! I still have 4 to choose from so I didn’t really fritter it down to much – but didn’t actually ADD to my choices which is a good thing .. and of course there is one of Merry’s layouts that I really liked. But I would like to come up with my own layout – as usual 😉

HPIM2434.jpg hpim2432.jpg mj5 mj6

Some of these are very similar in looks – so they would be a matter of flip a coin for them .. but the 1st one and 2nd are my current layouts of choice … until I start flipping more layouts around .. now would I do that??? pfft course I would .. I just can’t help myself .. it’s my nature.

HPIM2446.jpgFor the car ride I brought my socks – er sock to knit up. I amazing got quite a bit done (and I did work on it last nite while winding down from the weekend). heh .. due to the way I’ve got them on the needles, they are standing up on their own. I thought that was pretty cool! Sort of gives you an idea how they will look when finished 🙂 This pattern is really easy to do .. this is the Maizy Walking Socks pattern from The only thing I have a gripe about is that she talks in her blurb about these having ribbing around your instep which makes them super comfortable for hiking, but she neglected to put THAT part in the instructions .. ST st is HPIM2447.jpgstocking stitch / stockinette stitch – NOT 1×1 ribbing – ah well .. I caught it at 12 rows in for that part and changed over to the ribbing .. there was NO way I was about to unknit 13 rows of super fine yarn on size 2 needles .. so I adapt. I am seriously going to LOVE how this yarn is going to look when done .. it’s not really stripes, but more blots of colour .. with stripes .. Oh I’ve named these socks Windsor-Kitchener socks for the time being .. that could change – again

As for today, I’ve spent several hours getting caught up on emails and have a number of things to choose from to do today and I’m still not sure what to do first.

    My options:

  1. Challenge blocks – start hunting for colours and blocks
  2. Big-fan mystery layout
  3. Knitting my socks
  4. Starting mittens for january kal – but that is involved a wee bit .. Haven’t even picked my pattern yet
  5. Binding for kyle’s quilt
  6. Plotting next months challenge ..

and I still have no idea what I’ll be doing. Likely I’ll work on my socks after reg gets home and spend some time with him, then later I’ll prolly start researching the challenge blocks. Seems to be about the least strenuous for me today 😉


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