Quilt update; unnamed maizy socks

After getting the blocks done and up on my design wall from the planet patchwork mystery, I am letting them sit there to stew for a bit .. I can’t make up my mind on layout AND I’ve added a few more to the list, so you know I’ve really sent myself over the edge with this one LOL .. so I’ll wait – It’ll talk to me when it’s ready …

Some of you might know that I did the Through the Windows quilt from about.quilting.com for Matthew’s wallhanging. Well you can submit your finished photos to the site for posting up there. Which I did .. How coo is THAT! But what I had forgotten that this theme was also part of The Arizona Quilt Challenge and I got mine in on time .. But I just had to share that his quilt is in the gallery there and it is listed in the challenge gallery .. Thank you again Janet for posting the pattern and for all that you do! Janet is the quilting guide at about.com

So with me stitching my brains out yesterday and filling one design wall up, I didn’t feel a need to start on another quilt project (altho I have go get my challenge pieces going too). With me leaving for the weekend to go to my aunt’s memorial, I wasn’t really inclined to start something else really. Partly that would mean leaving fabric bits at Pixel’s mercy in the cat cave .. no thanx! I had a few options of stuff to start for small projects. Mittens for the january KAL, or another pair of socks .. well the mittens take up way more yarn that I figured and my one skeins just aren’t going to cut it, so I need to dig into my yarn stash and sort some colours for these that will equal 400 yds or so .. but i have tons or worsted laying around .. but that was going to take some time for me to do, and I’m not really in digging mode right now. So instead I grabbed the stretch sock yarn and the pattern for the maizy socks

HPIM2436.jpgAll I can say is WOWOWOWOW .. the yarn is super fine fingering weight 1 and I’m using #2 DPNs. It’s rather like knitting with caterpillar silk and toothpicks LOL (yes Joy I remember your embroidery floss and toothpicks!!). These aren’t likely to knit up quick, but that’s okay – it’s fun doing them! I’ve gotten further along than that, maybe another inch. heh .. dropped stitches with this yarn is interesting to say the least – and a challenge to pick back up .. there’s a few places here that I’ll be going back over later to make sure I’ve found them! This pattern was made for 2 circs, but I’ve placed a marker in the appropriate spot where needle 1 ends 🙂

This pattern called for using the tubular cast on which I had never done, but was rather interesting to do. You cast on half the required stitches with waste yarn using a single cast on method, then pick up the bars between on the next row – gives it a nice elastic stretch to the binding .. great for socks .. even if it is “interesting” to do this with caterpillar silk and toothpicks. And of course knitting at nite with a regular wattage bulb and tired eyes .. but I did have fun with it 🙂 and am on the way with only having to frog my stitches just ONCE!! Definite improvement.

HPIM2437.jpgI’m just going to LOVE the way this looks when it’s done. I got pretty excited about this when I did my test swatch .. I only did a 2 x 2″ one, but it gave me enough to measure – and yes, spot on again. This yarn has elastic in it and I’m having to really pay attention to just have a wee bit of tension on the yarn while I knit .. it’s a totally new experience for me and I didn’t find any hints or tips on the patons site for this yarn .. ah well .. learn as I go .. that’s always fun!

So I’ll be taking this with me for the car trip – not sure I’ll get a lot of time on Sat nite to work on it after the service at my cousin’s house, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Have a great weekend!


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