Kyle’s Spinner

Finally after Reg got to eat his supper and various little things were done first, we sat down about 9pm to open the rest of our Christmas gifts. I thought that Kyle was going to go thru the roof with the waiting LOL .. poor baby. But the wait was worth it ..

Reg and I both got books .. I got Reg “Inside the Helmet” by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer, and Kyle got me “The Cat Who Saw Red” by Lilian Jackson Braun. I’ve read this one before, but he goes, you don’t have this one mum .. prolly because he borrowed it and killed it .. i coud have sworn I had this one .. but he went digging in the bookshelves before he bought it .. what a cutie!!

Of course as you know, the BIG present was Kyle’s Spinner quilt! I gave him his present as he wanted Reg and I to open ours first, and asked him to wait because I wanted pics .. You can just so tell he was like .. oh geeze loooeze mum LOL .. at any rate .. the look on his face when he finally unwrapped it enough (with me coaching him on NOT blocking his face so I could get a decent pic) to see was worth it 🙂 He likes it and is pretty pleased with it

For full size images, please visit my web album

HPIM2422.jpg HPIM2423.jpg HPIM2424.jpg
HPIM2425.jpg HPIM2426.jpg HPIM2427.jpg

He was pretty excited about it, but did get a wee bit bummed when he found out it wasn’t totally finished .. but sewing the binding won’t take to long to do – and he knows it has to be washed (I’ve him well trained, don’t I??) and needs a label.

So – now back to the mystery quilt from Planet Patchwork and some knitting .. I did my test swatch using the Patons Stretch Socks and it’s going to be interesting to work with .. I think that the trick will be keeping my tension constant .. I’m going to do the Maizy socks with this yarn and I’m supposed to be doing mittens for my January KAL (Knit A Long) in my one skein group on ravelry .. I’m going to wait until after I get back this weekend before I start on that .. I have to go thru my yarn .. mittens take a lot more than I had figured, so I have to get inventive with my stash and colours 😉 But that’s the fun part, right?? After I have the mystery top done, then it’s off to quilt a few lonely and neglected projects from last year .. then I might start the quiltbug mystery or the QT mystery .. we’ll just have to see


7 thoughts on “Kyle’s Spinner

  1. Yep – it looks like he likes it, for sure! Great job on both getting it done and keeping it a secret.

    You mentioned your One Skein KAL group on Ravelry – maybe I haven’t poked around in the right places there, yet… but where on there are the groups??? Inquiring, irritable, caffeine-withdrawal minds want to know :0)


  2. Oh that quilt is just beautiful and Kyle is growing up to be a real hottie. You better keep an eye on that one. You got your hands full. LOl joyB


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