FAN-tasy Stitching

Oh boy am I having fun today!!! Some serious fun (Is that an oxymoron????) But at any rate .. I was rather standing in the middle of my sewing room not sure what I wanted to do today .. nothing’s “scheduled” and it rather left me at loose ends .. I had a choice of knitting, the Big Fan mystery, sewing the binding down on Kyle’s quilt or starting on one of my neglected quilts that are waiting for me – It was rather odd to NOT have something scheduled in over 3 months, but rather nice too 🙂 I finally decided to do the Big Fan Mystery ..

HPIM2428.jpgI left off halfway thru Clue #3, squaring and marking my lines. I made short work of that step and moved on to Clue #4 which was cutting out the template, and doing my curves. That was another step that went quickly, altho I managed to goof somewhere, I couldn’t get all the ‘fan’ shapes onto the strip I needed to … it made no bloody sense to me .. so my only option at this point was to cut into the “border” fabric to complete my ‘fans’. So you do what you do .. I’m sure that I can come up with something for the borders .. I have faith in myself ..

HPIM2429.jpgNext was Clue #5, putting the fan’s on the HSTs that were made .. how clever is THAT!! I used a glue stitch to tack them down until I sewed them in place with the twill – (as was suggested in the directions) .. Since my pencils weren’t showing on the dark green fabric that I used for this, I opted to skip that part of a previous clue and use either pins to mark the spot or measure up with my little 6 ½” square – the square worked just fine for this .. Another step that I just flew through .. yes I was having an absolute blast

HPIM2430.jpgAHA – on to Clue #6 I go .. now I must confess that this part gave me a few heebie jeebies and I was wondering how I would keep things somewhat in place while the twill was tacking down .. this is a satiny twill and the stuff I remembered from before was more cottony and didn’t slide like this did .. I’m sewing along and racing ants would have beat me to the finish, I’m being so careful, when suddenly my twill slips into the slot on my foot .. I just sat there and went .. COO!!! It’s not getting wrapped up, jammed, twisted – it’s gliding right along just fine .. BONUS!!! So, I was off like a shot after this .. the rest of the twill was down in no time – I did chain type piecing for putting on the twill as well .. so I’m debating on whether to re-square these or not .. but not right now .. I just HAD to see what they looked like ..

I did a quick layout in quilt pro and came up with 2 layouts plus the one that Merry gave us. So they went up on the design wall, one by one, until I could get a pic of them. I really liked one of hers (last one on right), but ya’ll know what I’m like .. I just HAVE to put my own twist on things .. and of course free license from the designer to do just that doesn’t hurt either 😉 I really like them all – This is going to be difficult to make up my mind, but it’ll all depend on what my mood / mode is when I am actually ready to piece the top – which is next – so I’ll stop at this point for right now, until I can get a better idea of what I want .. But I am thinking the first one may just be IT ..

HPIM2434.jpg HPIM2432.jpg HPIM2435.jpg

I really do like the effect of using the black twill with these blocks … I might even make this pattern again .. but let me get this one done first 😉 So while this percs in my brain – I might start the maizy socks or tack down kyle’s quilt .. but I might do a bit of that later .. we’ll see .. It’s rather nice not to HAVE to do something

Anyone else have a blast today???


6 thoughts on “FAN-tasy Stitching

  1. Let’s see, I was planning the reorganization of people in 3 buildings. So, no, I didn’t have a blast today! But I did want to blast some people – does that count? LOL!

    My back didn’t hurt so bad so it was stil a very good day.


  2. I just couldn’t do the mystery this year as I had so much knitting to do but now I am bummed. It is so pretty. I really thought it was going to be a traditional fan quilt and I don’t have the patience for that right now and having to deal with dad.. well I know you get it.
    Anyway the quilt is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it,. hugs. JoyB


  3. OH I meant to tell you that there is a mystery quilt going on over at if you are itching to do another one soon or want to snag the pattern. hugs. joyb


  4. Love the quilt! wish I had known about this mystery too. You did pick cool colors. And I am working on my projcet and being creative. lol Joanie


  5. I really like that, Grace. It is beautiful! I went to the Flikr site and saw the photos. They are lovely. I didn’t find the mystery quilt directions on the Planet Patchwork site. They must remove them and sell them fairly quickly after they appear.


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