Spinner Spinning

I almost made it .. but life tends to intervene and get in the way of the plans that you lay out .. ah well .. Reg sort of kicked me out of my office last nite to deal with a last minute issue for the basketball tourney this weekend and then I had to wait until he was asleep before I could work on it – not a big deal – stuff happens – you just deal with it and move on. It is in giveable state as far as I’m concerned .. it’s a lot better than it was 3 days ago 😉 I think I’m maybe 3 hrs from totally completing it.

hpim2414I didn’t get as far as I wanted to last nite .. I was just bloody tired and I’ve not a clue why .. blurry vision, tired body type tired .. just couldn’t do it and since I only had sooo much fabric for the binding, I didn’t want to risk doing a bad cut and then really having to scramble .. As you can see, this was really cutting it close .. this fabric is in the borders of the quilt and I also used this fabric in Matthew’s quilt – and none left for me .. but that’s okay, I would rather see it being used and enjoyed, than squirreled away in my fabric dresser or wherever I may land.

hpim24151I decided just to free-form it for the borders and not worry to much about them .. I trusted my hands to know what it was doing and go with the flow to so speak ..

The binding was on around 4:30pm and I knew that Kyle would be home around 5:00pm from practice, so time to take some pics and wrap it. Hopefully get this up on my blog before he gets home .. I’m going to be cutting it close tho .. as it’s 5:07 and he’ll be walking in the door any minute now ..  And he walked in the door at 5:15pm and I’m still working on this post – EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

hpim2421BUT – It’s all wrapped up and ready for our Russian Christmas later on tonite after supper when Reg gets home from practice – so this is a good thing .. and I’ll work on sewing the binding down while watching tv . . I’m thinking unless I go cross-eyed, I should have it done in a nite or two .. we’ll just have to see. Pics of him and the quilt maybe later tonite or tomorrow ..

Merry Christmas to My Orthodox Readers


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