Stitching n Quilting

This was a nice change. I’ve not really done much in the way of quilting since finishing Matthew and Erica’s quilts. It felt rather good – my right hand is sore from man-handling the quilt – but that’s been bothering me since my tumble down the stairs. Before anyone starts :D, I’m getting it checked tomorrow .. there is a clinic with x-ray facilities right next to the sewing machine shop. I need to bring my machine – it’s really odd .. the bulb burnt out, so I bought a new one (never had one burn out on me before). Not sure why, but the light is really dim .. not sure if it did that when I first put it in, but I sure noticed it pretty quick .. matter of fact, the light is so dim, I’m not aware it’s on in daylight .. and I was to busy with doing cmas giftees that I didn’t get it in .. we’ll just have to see how that shakes out tomorrow.

hpim24091I did manage to get ½ of Clue #3 done for the “Big Fan” mystery. This is going to look really cool!! I’m getting excited about this one. I wasn’t able to mark the spots that Merry wanted us to as my pencils are garbage – my solution – I’ll put pins marking the 4½” spots she asked us to – then again, this one I had to see to download them – so I know what this one looks like .. and I rather do like it 😀 This is going to be a nice lap quilt when I get it done. I’ve already figured out it’s name, but I’ll go into that when I’m closer to finishing it – hint – this will tie in with the news I rec’d on New Year’s day.

I only got ½ of Clue #3 done because I needed to get going on the spinner quilt. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with it – I have some puckers in this, but really do NOT want to rip them out at this point. I’m using warm & natural for the batting and it just might hide some of these “sins”. So that decision might wait until I’m done with it.

HPIM2411.jpgSo far the inner quilt top and border frame are quilted. I just need to quilt the border, get my binding ready (ARRRGH!!!!!), put it on, then stitch it down .. i’m rather aggravated that I don’t have the binding ready – normally I have that at least picked out by this point .. ah well .. I still have to decide what colour for it .. I’m thinking red, but dark blue would look pretty nice too!

I think that’s enough for now .. time to soak my back and then get to bed .. we’ve a busy day tomorrow with getting the machine in, getting my wrist checked, and the grabbing the sewing table from my dad’s (FINALLY) And of course finishing up the spinner so I can get the binding on it 🙂 Looks like it’ll be done just on time – how coo is THAT!

Have some creative fun!!


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