HPIM2413.jpgI finally posted yesterday that I won the 2nd drawing in the Charms for Charity contest on Michele’s site Quilting Bloggers, well talk about your timing .. my little package of goodies showed up today! How cool is THAT!! I got 6 of my originals back (Not shown) and some other’s that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE .. how cute is that snowman ..there is even some Woody fabric .. now where was that when Kyle was smaller!

I brought my machine in earlier today with the dim bulb syndrome – no questions asked, he replaced the bulb for me .. now there is a difference between the old one and this one .. the old one was frosted and this one is clear .. he said that sometimes the bulbs from China are just bad – he’s even had to replace 3 in one day! WOW .. but didn’t cost me a dime and now I can see to sew on my machine again .. just in time for doing the ‘appliqué’ for the mystery quilt from planet patchwork

Remember the Vogue Knitting Fall issue that I found on ebay and had to do the LONG wait for .. well I JUST won it 😀 how cool is that .. in the last 3 mins the price went from $3.00 to $5.50 – the BRATS!!! Even with shipping, I figure that this is going to be less money than purchasing it from publisher for $9.99. So I’ll be able to start on my mittens when it gets in and there is this absolutely GORGEOUS and I mean GORGEOUS cabled cardigan in there too!

Well I didn’t work on the spinner quilt yet today .. rather got caught up on watching my auction and doing emails .. so that will be later – but I will finish Clue #3 of the mystery and get started on the next clue!


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