Busy Weekend

Wow but it was busy this weekend .. didn’t get done what I wanted to get done as Reg wanted to go shopping in the states, but that’s okay .. we won’t be heading back for another month .. and Man O Man did we walk into some PHENOMENAL sales!! Could NOT believe it .. so it was good that we did go.

hpim2404.jpgDidn’t get a stitch of quilting done (well I did draw ONE line for the planet patchwork mystery on clue #3), but did finish Kyle’s balaclava last nite. This pic shows it with me using the provisional cast-on that I thought of while working on Reg’s plowhat.

hpim2408hpim2406Kyle’s mood improved since I posted this and he agreed to modeling his new hat for me.  I think that this will be more than warm enough for him during the walks home from basketball practice afterschool.  Doesn’t look to shabby it in either, even if I do have a biased opinion – hey I’m mum .. so I’m entitled

hpim2401.jpgheh .. the dog just cracked me up last nite .. I see this view of her first and wonder “What on Earth??” .. she tends to lay under the footrests on the couch when she’s chewing on something like her rawhide or treats that she wants to
hpim2402.jpghoard all to herself .. but I didn’t hear any chewing and I hadn’t given her a treat .. so I look at the other end of the ‘tunnel’ and she’s just laying there .. sorry – I just had to share that .. it was just way to cute .. this 70lb dog laying under a footrest LOLOLOL

We did raid barnes & Noble and borders .. and I actually managed to get 2 of the books I really wanted to get .. I got my paws on “Scarpetta” by Patricia Cornwell, and “Cross Country” by James Patterson, These 2 books were “gotta haves” for me. I did also pick up “The Good Guy” by Dean Koontz, and “The Alibi Man” by Tami Hoag. I’ve not read a book by her a quite a bit, so this will be a nice side trip for me.  I “MIGHT” have enough reading material for a while now .. I hope

The biggest reason we headed into borders and Barnes & Noble was to hunt down a Vogue Knitting magazine (fall Issue) called Smitten with Mittens .. I can get it from the publisher at $9.99 but the original cover price is $6.99. It’s not used on amazon.com – yet – but I did find it on ebay and have less than 24hrs to find out if I’ll get sniped at the end of this and not ‘win’ the magazine. If I do lose this auction, does anyone have it?? I’m willing to purchase, trade etc for it .. but let’s see if I get the auction first – 1 day is all that’s left on it ..

Oh do you remember back in December when I posted that a friend of mine was doing “Charms for Charity” on her site? Well if you can believe this, I’ve actually won the second drawing!! How cool is that! Michele has mailed them to me, but they’ve not landed in my mail box yet .. I will definitely share with you when I do.

So I’ve some plans of things to work on .. The planet patchwork big fan mystery, quilting the spinner quilt (huge deadline on this), then starting some new socks. As I said before .. the beginning of this year will be for finishes and I’m actually pretty excited about it .. but nothing will really be in gear until after I return from Guelph on the 12th


3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. The balaclava looks very cozy – did you like the different way of finishing it better than what was done on Reg’s?

    And are you still trying to get the spinners done by Russian Christmas? Isn’t that, uh, day after tomorrow?


    It was a lot easier to do a provisional cast-on around the face – especially working with black yarn .. ESH but that was a pain for reg’s to pick up those stitches 😉 oh and the LANGUAGE!!!!

    I’ll get the spinners done .. it’s free motion quilting with an ‘free-hand’ sort of star design so it’ll go very quickly – what will take the time is doing the binding, but I have tonite, tomorrow, tomorrow nite – I’ll do a tracy if I have to to get it done 😉



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