Case #128; The Big Fan – Clue #1

From my previous post, you knew that my intentions were to get up around 11-12-ish and get moving on the mystery on planet patchwork .. well I did get up around 11:30am (I didn’t actually fall asleep until after 8am) to my dad calling. He had some tragic news for me. Quick version here – My aunt who has a winter residence in FL was killed in an auto accident in Daytona Beach yesterday afternoon. I’ve no idea where the funeral will be or even when; the possibility of the driver of the car (his wife died as well) will have to face some sort of criminal charges. So things are rather up in the air .. If the funeral will be in Guelph area (their summer residence), I’ll be going to her funeral – if in FL, I won’t be able to go ..
Needless to say this news has made me very sad – but i opted to keep busy – or at least try to and I was going to work on the mystery even if i only got one clue done ..

HPIM2399.jpgPix decided he was going to guard my fabric today as well, and I didn’t have the heart to shoosh him off .. so he stayed. He was totally needy and demanding today .. and was actually following me around worse than the dog normally does .. pets are smart . they know when you need comforting .. and I just accepted it .. how can you resist specially when you turn to look at him he starts to natter at mach 1 .. ah well .. like there’s not a quilt / fabric / yarn in this house that is cat hair free .. not to bloody likely ..

My goal today was to get Clue #1 done .. that’s it .. As I was reading the instructions (she has a really cool way of getting a LOT of HSTs done) I noticed when I got to the cutting afterHPIM2400.jpg stitching part, that there was no squaring up figure – and I always like to square up HSTs – (I’ve found it saves me a lot of grief later on with the quilt not being square). I’ve asked on OST and no one has admitted to being as anal (fussy??) as I am and wanting / needing to square them. But I’ve applied some basic math to it .. no please don’t run away .. this isn’t to funky of math – honest!! These HSTs are basically cut from 27/8″ squares after all the cutting is done – now your ‘finished’ size is usually 3/8″ smaller than that .. so this would be 2½” HST when all is said and done – If I’m right, please let me know .. my brain is fried and I could have my figures totally wrong here .. I’ve also send an email to Mary asking her what these should be squared to just to be safe .. I won’t need these until later on, so I’m not to worried about it, altho I would have really liked to get Clue #1 totally done.

That was my New Years day and it’s not a good way to start a new year .. but as someone said, “It can only get better” ** looks over her shoulder for Murph – as in Murphy’s Law .. whatever can go wrong, will) and I’m tired – I’m heading off to read my book and fall asleep doing so .. tomorrow’s another day!


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