Plow wife socks

HPIM2393.jpgThey’re done .. all done and ends are weaved in .. matter of fact, I’m wearing them 😀 😀 How coo is THAT! We did a family New Years Nite of watching movies and having finger foods like mini tacos, taquitos, and jalapeno poppers – we had planned on having shrimp later, but we were all too full – so that’ll be nibble food before we put the pizza in – Sunday nite is our pizza nite (football & Pizza) – But I’m rambling.

Our movies of choice were The Dark Knight for Reg and Kyle, followed by Hancock for Kyle and myself – I’m not a huge Batman fan, but Reg and Kyle like it – we got to really test out the surround sound that was the gift for the family for Christmas. While watching these movies my Plow Wife socks were finished.

HPIM2397.jpgI did them last nite to the toe decreases so it was a matter of 16 more rows – I can’t remember how many stitches, I’ve already tossed the pattern out – didn’t like this one at all and won’t be doing this one again .. You can see how loose my cast on was for the first sock, but got better on the second sock. They fit me really well and are toasty warm .. My second pair of socks for myself. Next knitting project will be Kyle’s balaclava (same one as Reg’s), then more socks for me 😀 I’m rather liking knitting socks.

The Planet Patchwork mystery starts at 11am EST (GMT-5) on Jan 1st. I’ve my fabric washed (Thank you Kyle) and grabbed some template plastic at Michael’s tonite – still short one pack of twill tape, but am hoping that I have enough to get me far enough in the mystery. I’ve still to press my fabric – darling child left it in the mesh bags in the dryer all afternoon **sigh – so that will keep me busy – then depending on how tired I am .. I will try to cut for the first time since Christmas day when I did the labels for Matthew and Erica’s quilts .. it hurt like the devil then .. let’s see if a week of rest did it some good

Blessings to all in the coming New Year .. may you all prosper and enjoy health and good fortune in these trying times.

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Plow wife socks

  1. Happy New Year Gracie 🙂 and may the year 2009 be peaceful, productive, and blessed! for us all! Hey you can knit socks for me anytime girliegirl! Great Job! and love the ocean colors 🙂 See ya later for the Mystery! and hope your finger holds through all the cutting, which I have to do in the am–busy cooking all day today and didn’t get the chance 🙂


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