NYD 2009 Mystery

I‘ve almost got all the fabrics cut for the Planet Patchwork Mystery .. only have some strips left to cut at this point .. but it’s late and I want to get “SOME sleep before I do this ..

Cutting went good!! Giving my thumb / wrist the week of no cutting etc seemed to have done some good – altho I am still feeling it when I do other things, like use my thumb as a brace when I pick up a cookie sheet et al .. and it’s my right thumb and I’m right handed .. bah .. so things have been a challenge in a few cases .. I’ve mentioned to Reg that an x-ray might be in my future, we’ll just have to see.

HPIM2398.jpgCutting went pretty good, but these pieces are just massive .. I’m definitely curious and actually starting to look forward to this mystery!! 9″ squares … bias tape (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) – that’s where the twill tape comes in .. we needed batik like fabrics or water themed fabrics – the black accents – zigzag machine, template plastic .. stained glass technique? appliqué?? A combination of both?? .. I’m hoping for stained glass technique – I LOVE learning new methods … appliqué is likely to give me fits, but ah well .. it’s a lap quilt and with the sizes of these blocks – I’m seriously thinking appliqué BUT praying for stained glass or at least a tolerable measure of both 😉 meaning minimal no appliqué.

I’m just plain tuckered at this point .. and there were a number of them .. I’ve not drawn the lines on the backs of the fabrics at this point, but will do so in the AM .. I also still need to cut strips that are LOF and roughly 60″ long … not something I want to deal with right now – soooo it’ll wait until later.

The mystery starts at 11AM and I’m planning to be there then-ish – I hope 😀 Altho with it being just after 6AM now, I’m not to sure how that’s going to work .. I was tired hours ago, but did want to get this cutting done .. so I’ll get up earlier-ish if not 11, then noon-ish

If it’s not stained glass technique, I might just check into a book for it later on this year 🙂 But the quilts that are waiting have to be quilted and I have 3 challenges that I need to get moving on in the next day or so .. so it’ll have to wait for a bit .. along with the other new things I want to learn / do 🙂


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