Happy Bloggaversary to me

Amazingly enough, my one year bloggaversary rather came and went .. Oh I noticed it, but wasn’t exactly in a blog mood – I was busy spending time with my family and getting some knitting projects done .. I did get Reg’s Plow Hat done on this day so that was pretty cool .. but he wasn’t inclined for pics until today .. this of course will be a separate post 😀 I started out on Blogger, but ended up on their terrorlist as a spam blog (how bloody rude me thinks! But I’m almost over it .. if not to bad for me, eh??) and after several attempts to get unlisted as such .. I gave up and moved over here to WordPress ..

Hmm .. I wonder if I get TWO bloggaversaries – one for the day I started to blog and the day I moved to WordPress .. heh .. two bdays (blog bdays)

Well at any rate .. thank you everyone that has had the patience with me and my ramblings for the past year .. I’m sure it’s not been easy as I tend to go off on a tangent or two (or 50). I do appreciate all the comments and suggestions that everyone has posted thru the past year and I feel blessed to have met all the wonderful people out there in blogland that I wouldn’t have met otherwise ..

So while this is a Happy Bloggaversary post for me .. its also a thank you post to ya’ll that has read my posts and cheered or cried with me or wanted to strangle me or I’ve confustamacated with my ‘wonderful’ math ..

Thank you again and a Happy New Year everyone!!


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