Quilt Therapy

Christmas Day was a wonderful day spent with family; enjoying good times and food with each other and celebrating the Birth of Christ.

Kyle loved all his gifts, he got mostly clothes from us and just LOVED the American Eagle stuff .. he’s wearing it today – LOL .. When Reg gets back from practice, we’ll be movie’ing ourselves to death which will be a nice change of pace from the past months where we’ve not spent a lot of time together at all .. This will be just a nice relaxing day for us .. I’ll hopefully finish his snowplow hat today and maybe start on Kyle’s or an earwarmer for another friend of mine. We’ll just have to see .. my right hand / wrist is still tender from my tumble down the stairs and I’ve a knot in my back – but I’m sure that a hot bath or 5 will do wonders for me 🙂

hpim2366We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at my aunts and Erica said a beautiful Grace. Thank you for the grace Erica – it was long but beautiful and perfect for the season 😀 When we got there I was disappointed to not see Matthew’s car in the driveway and found out that they had been there the night before and were doing Christmas day with Meredith’s family .. ah well .. I made a joke that we could open Matthew’s present and rewrap it, my aunt said no .. **sniff ..heh .. but that didn’t last much longer than Erica opening her gift.

hpim2369Erica opened hers and was rather stunned by it .. she just LOVED it! I told her that her mum had seen what it looked like earlier and the colours that I had picked and said that she would love them .. Erica said that she did and she just loved it .. I pointed out what fabrics were hand-dyed and explained a bit of it to her .. not much – just that that fabric used to be white – I told her about how I saw a meditative reflecting type pool whenever I looked at it on my wall, and thought maybe she could find comfort and peace with this quilt. As I noted before, she’s had a rough time this year and thinking back on it, I must have had that in the back of my mind while I was picking the colours and making it for her. This quilt turned out to be so peaceful in appearance and nature. She loved the water theme and fish that I quilted into it too .. Needless to say, she thanked me for such a personal gift to her and we were both moved to tears – we both got quilt therapy

As I stated Matthew and Meredith weren’t there, and Erica opted to open his present as she knew that it was a quilt too at that point and everyone wanted to see it 😀 .. She said she would rewrap it .. I wish Matthew had been there .. the looks on everyone’s faces, they were just stunned by it .. and said it would be PERFECT for them both .. Meredith likes bold bright colours! My uncle said that Matthew would just LOVE it – talk about a nice warm comfy feeling .. My Gramma D (96 years young) just loved it too .. she was / is (?) our master seamstress – altho she’s not doing any sewing anymore .. but hearing praises from her was such an awesome compliment. My aunt quilts and just loved it too … she was stunned that I did the quilting at home on my DSM and didn’t send it out to a long armer (which she does) heh .. later reg suggested that I offer to do my aunts quilts LOL .. that could work me thinks .. I’ll have to mention it to her.

hpim2371We later sat down to watch Pirates – World’s End and it was a wee bit chilly in the house, so erica grabbed her quilt and curled up with it on the floor – I did tell her that in time I do hope to have to repair it for her as it would be loved so much .. heh . she said not to worry, it would be. I’ll have another quilt I gifted about 10 years ago to fix too from a friend of mine .. a well loved corner needs some patching 🙂 I really do love it when I have to fix quilts I give – that means they are used and loved!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day with their family and friends.


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