Plow Hat Progress

hpim2375With all the rushing around and Reg having to do some many long stupid shifts, we are just going to spend today doing nothing .. he just got home from practice as I typed this – not sure what we will do, but the general plan is movies movies movies .. Works for me! I’ll be able to do more knitting on Reg’s plow hat .. I got quite a bit done while watching Pirates at my aunts yesterday, and started the face shaping last nite – I have another 2″ (I think) and then I can start my decreasing for the top of the head, then the shaping around the face (ribbing)

I wish I had read ahead last nite on this BEFORE I casted on the 48 stitches .. the pattern reads ..

Using the LARGER circular needle, KNIT 40 (48) stitches. Leave remaining neck stitches on a holder or the needle they are already on (might be cumbersome). Cast on 48 stitches and continue in just KNIT for another 4 inches.

[further down it says]

Face opening: place live neck stitches back on smaller needle if you put them on a holder. Pick up stitches around top knit portion (48 sts) and work in K2P2 rib for 2 rounds.

hpim2373After reading that, I thought of the provisional cast-on -that would have made a more seamless picking up of stitches around the face – of course by the time I thought of that, I was already 2″ into the straight knitting .. I didn’t (and still don’t) feel like frogging that to recast-on those stitches. I’ll try that for Kyle’s hat when i do it.

There is a good possibility that might be able to call this done after tonite – we’ll just have to see.


2 thoughts on “Plow Hat Progress

  1. Is this one of those hats that has an oval opening for the face, and then hugs the neck under the chin? Can you point me to the pattern?


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