Ouch and double ouch!!

I think I won’t be getting Kyle’s quilt done .. Not by choice either .. I was bringing laundry downstairs (basketball uniforms – tourney on Friday) when my heel slipped out from under me .. then proceeded to bounce down 6 steps on my back .. They are wooden steps .. No carpeting, cushioning nothing ..

I hit my back – the part right above your bra strap on the right side, my butt (same side) and ankle (same side) – ankle is swelling .. I can’t really see my back, but what I can see is red – not going to bother checking out my butt as it’s not hurting .. To much padding .. Both of my wrists hurt – and I can feel my back tightening up on the right side .. I’m bloody well hurting – I don’t think any ribs are broken (praise God!!)  but I can’t see myself man handling kyle’s quilt now .. I’m going to try – I had just finished basting it.

Plan was to grab matthew’s quilt to block it and put erica’s is in the dryer .. Then a quick mail check then quilt .. On my way downstairs I saw the uniforms and grabbed them .. No clue what I slipped on as the carpet didn’t follow me .. But it might have caught on the top ..

Amazing thing is .. I still had the basket when I stopped

My biggest worry – hoping and praying that I’ve not wrenched my back … That is the last thing I need to deal with.

I just did a test quilt and I might be okay for tonite .. but I’m sure once tomorrow hits, I’ll be to sore to quilt.  So I’ll push and do what I can .. I can feel things getting tight and sore as time passes and my right wrist is bothering me when I quilt.

Praying that I can get this done tonite as I might not be able to tomorrow ..

Reg just happened to call and he’s rather alarmed / concerned that I broke something .. I told him that it doesn’t hurt to breathe, I can turn and twist, walk, bend over-ish .. all these things I can do but not with my normal agility. So he’s not so alarmed now, but is worried.  He’s been out plowing since 11am and since we’ve had freezing rain and now it’s snowing again, he’s not likely to be home anytime in the next 12 hours.  So now he’s worried about me, but that’s not something that you can hide or not tell – he’d be furious if I didn’t tell when I’m hurting like this. Besides he heard it in my voice.

I’ll go as far as I can tonite and when I’m done, I’m done ..


7 thoughts on “Ouch and double ouch!!

  1. Dear Gracie – please be careful. I hate to be a nervous nelly but it’s not your back that worries me but your wrist!

    Take care of yourself, and after the holiday, we’ll put your back, Val’s back, and my knee on a slow boat to the Sahara! I’d volunteer to do it today but think I might need my contribution to get to the hospital.

    Hugs, and prayers that sore is as bad as it gets!
    Bobbie in Texas


  2. Oh, terrible, terrible 😦

    Do the drugs (legal of course, because this is kindof a family blog) and don’t listen to your body this week when it says, “Oh, no, I’m much better now.” It’s lying and you’re the one who will pay the price!

    I’m sure Kyle will be fine with a “Letter of Intent” 🙂

    Take care and slow down. Knit that other sock – that’ll keep ya busy!


  3. Oh, my goodness. I think a fuzzy navel or a glass of wine is in order. I am so sorry. If you have it, rub castor oil into your wrists and other sore places you can reach. It will help. Hugs,


  4. Grace: I’m sorry to hear that you fell and are hurting! Please take care of yourself – rest – maybe with Tylenol and a heating pad! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family when you can all be together. Knitting and curling up maybe be a good thing tonight!


  5. Yikes, every now and then when running up and down all 3 flights of stairs I’ll slip but have been lucky enough to catch myself before falling. Hope you aren’t too sore to enjoy the holidays and am glad nothing seems broken.


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