90% done, and 1 to go

hpim2355More progress .. Oh I just LOVE saying that!! Erica’s quilt got quilted last nite and I almost made it to getting the binding on – but just ran out of steam .. I didn’t want to make bad cuts and really mess things up .. so I just let it go and would do it today .. Kyle is leaving around 1pm or so to go to his dad’s so I’ve that time until he leaves to do this. and cutting and putting the binding on might just take about an hour or so. There’s a few spots on the border ‘waves’ I frogged and will restitch – all in all this backing was nicer to me. I think part of my problem is with the backings is while I am using Sharon Schamber’s method, my boards are just to flimsy – I need to get my paws on my some 1×4″ or some such thing – that will likely go a LONG way to making me happy with backings ..

hpim2353I did a loose fishy meander for this quilt. Every time I looked at it, I thought of some zen garden type thing, but with water – granted I can’t see much relaxation in raking water, but the concept was there .. so some lazy, slowly flowing ‘wavelets’ and a fish stuck in for good measure – I tried to get a good close up of the fish, but it just wasn’t coming into focus .. batteries might be low in the camera – but you can see a few fish here .. most of them landed (swam, swim???) onto the pink and I used pink thread for the quilting here .. oh and purple for the borders. The purple that was used for the border will be the same as I use for the binding.

As for reg’s plow mask – It’s now 5″ long (as the pattern calls for), but with him being a bigger guy, I’m going to add about 3 more inches – I was looking at the pattern pic and started to think that this would be short on him as the model looks like an average sized guy. I measured his face from just under his eyes to down his neck and it’s 8″ – the pic on the pattern shows it stopping at the coat collar .. When I measured his face last nite, I explained why and he goes .. yes I want my neck covered .. gee how would I have known that 😉 I was rather dreading starting this as I was using black yarn .. ugh .. knitting in black yarn .. what fun! talk about being blind LOL

As for the crud, it’s not left me yet .. the exhaustion has, but not the cold symptoms – they change daily . yesterday is was a tender throat, today (again) stuffed congested sinus and chest – I don’t have the energy I normally do, and I can’t gather myself for the final push, but at least I can get some stuff done .. I’m tired tho and might not have the energy for Cmas LOL

Hope everyone is done with their cmas giftees and shopping .. I’m still waiting for 2 of reg’s things, and I’m not sure I’m going to get lucky .. he might get some winter giftees instead .. Russian Cmas maybe 😉 .. yeah that works for me


2 thoughts on “90% done, and 1 to go

  1. It looks great. I am still waiting for a gift too. Huh. Where are they? They must be hanging out together and laughing at us. 🙂


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