2 done; 24 and a few to go

hpim2359**Deep Sigh**

I’ve BOTH Matthew and Erica’s quilts done!! Finally finally finally .. am I totally happy with them – Nope .. am I going to freak .. Nope .. Matthew’s backing took on a life of it’s own .. I KNEW I should have changed it, but I didn’t .. and here’s the results .. but when I pull it out the wash (which it’s in now as I type) I’ll try to block it a bit to see if I can’t get it more even at the bottom .. not a lot, but enough so’s I’m happier about it .. all in all, I’m pretty pleased as I really wasn’t feeling well at all when i made his (blasted crud) and I still have the stupid thing!!

hpim2358Erica’s quilt is a wee bit wonky too .. i think that this going back to me not have a sturdy enough board for my basting and also just pushing on thru when I was quilting .. A few tugs when wet, and it should be just fine .. then toss in the dryer – matt’s will dry while being blocked – this will be a neat trick as I don’t have carpeting .. but I will use some towels, pins and my cutting matt to brace, block etc his quilt .. it’ll fit – Erica’s really won’t, but his will.

I did very simple quilting for Erica’s borders – just waves .. nothing but squiggly lines with fish in the tiles ..

I do really like the look of both of them .. Matthew’s is so striking and dramatic – it will be a good piece to put on his wall – Erica’s is soothing .. she’s had a rough time this year, so maybe she might find some comfort in this quilt. The colours are relaxing and the zen pool idea I’ll have to tell her about .. it might click in her mind and she can find some comfort and solace .. I guess I was thinking about the year she’s had while picking the colours ..

Either way .. these quilts are DONE DONE DONE .. i just have to baste kyles and quilt it .. I’m not going to stress about HAVING to have it done by cmas .. it’ll get wrapped as is when I finally give up the ghost on cmas eve and it’ll be the first thing I finish after cmas .. You know – there is a good possibility that it just might get done tho .. Erica’s quilt only took me 2 hours to quilt, another hour to bind and sew down .. so it’s still within reason that Kyle’s will be done .. and I will do my darnedest to hand sew his binding down .. while there’s a time crunch for cmas day .. there isn’t a “I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE” crunch / pressure ..

Here’s to one more to do



4 thoughts on “2 done; 24 and a few to go

  1. Great job, Grace!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I got a kick out of your “wonky” comment… I don’t know if I’ve ever made anything that WASN’T wonky! 😉 I guess I need more practice… but that would mean my finishing something…. LOL!


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