2 1/2 days left …

hpim2348I‘ ve made some progress – finally!! Altho what should have taken me maybe 2 hours tops, took me all blasted day. That was my fault tho, as much as I hate to admit it. When I did Matthew’s backing, I pieced it – normally not a problem, but since I was feeling so blah, I just did the rip instead of cutting it – doing the rip is nice because the material rips along the weft ((warp???) and it’s along the grain, so nice and straight. Normally! But this small piece has given me fits before when I used it as backing and forgot that it did so. When I ripped it, this ‘twisted’ for lack of a better word, and I didn’t notice until AFTER the quilt was basted and I started to quilt – gave me all sorts of puckers in the back and waves at the edges – that’s the biggest reason why I did such close meander quilting on it – to hide the icks on the back – PLUS this is a wall hanging, so the back shouldn’t be seen – often. I had to frog a number of spots along the straight line quilting to try and convince it not to pucker – if I had more time, I would have scrapped that backing and started new – but I don’t, so I didn’t .. The good news is, the binding is on Matthew’s quilt!! If I don’t have time to hand sew it down, I’ll be machine tacking it down instead.

efishI’ve the machine all set up to do Erica’s quilt, and 2 bobbins loaded up with thread – I know it’ll take more than 2, but it gives me a place to start 🙂 I’ll be doing some gently ‘waves’ and fish for her quilt and like Matthew’s the binding might be tacked down by machine instead of hand sewn .. we’ll have to see.

I still have to baste the spinner quilt, but my plan is to get that done tomorrow afternoon – this is all still workable and makeable time wise – barring any issues / problems .. I’m praying that I won’t have any. With Reg’s schedule being so wonky right now, it’s making it hard when I can sew. He’s a light sleeper and the sewing room is right next to our bedroom … Since Friday, I think he’s gotten maybe 11 hours of sleep – Poor guy!!

hpim2350So when he’s sleeping and I want to keep it quiet, I’ve been knitting – I sewed up the toe on the plowwife sock and have started a helmet liner / balaclava for him. Our temperatures have been -10 to -20 ºF with the wind chill lately. I thought I would have been able to do these for both Reg and Kyle after Cmas, but with the temperature so cold and him out in it at stupid o’clock in the morning, he needs it YESTERDAY!! This will knit up hpim2352quickly as this is aran / worsted weight yarn on size 6 & 8 needles. He originally didn’t even want one, but I started to think about how cold it is here during January and February, so I was going to make him one anyways .. Kyle’s was first as he walks home from school on days he has basketball practice, but this rather changed. He mentioned (Reg) to me how cold it was when he was putting gas in the truck the other nite, so I said to him, you want one now?? heh .. yup .. so that needs to get done soonest .. talk about having a quandary – cmas giftees or hubby’s warmth .. so I think I have a pretty good compromise

Okay .. off to do some more knitting on the mask me thinks then dinner, laundry, and then quilting ..

Stay warm and have fun!!


2 thoughts on “2 1/2 days left …

  1. Such a delicate balancing act we do, in order to take care of family needs in addition to the things we want to gift. Matthew’s quilt looks marvelous from here, and so does the wavy, fishy meander for Erica’s!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!
    Bobbie in Texas


  2. I am a machine person for all things! Including sewing down my binding! I have done them by hand, but they just work better for me if I do it by machine, just stich very close to the edge or have used the invisible hem stich on the machine too, if I really didn’t want stiches to show.



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