Socking Snow; NYE fabric

The snow that hit us yesterday decided to stick around and pile up to around 8″. Poor Reg worked 27½ hrs straight – and I kept him company for the last ½ of his ‘day’. Altho my plan was to finish Matthew’s quilt yesterday, when Reg asked me to drive with him for a bit, I knew he needed the ‘help’ He wouldn’t have asked if he wasn’t really dragging needed some company or stimulation besides moving snow and digging out sidewalks. Poor guy!! To sweeten me coming, he goes .. I’ll leave the interior light on and you can knit your socks 🙂 what a sweetie .. so I went .. we didn’t get home until 7:30am SATURDAY morning and reg went out initially 4:30am FRIDAY morning.

hpim2346I renamed this sock as plowwife sock or some such thing .. the truck managed to eat one of my dpns and a stitch marker .. course I didn’t bring extras with me .. not a big deal, we went by the house to let the dog out and I grabbed **5** more dpns and the box of stitch markers – that way if it ate more needles I wouldn’t be twiddling my thumbs. I did manage to get half of this sock done and to the point where i’m ready to graft / sew the toe shut

hpim2345We did our final cmas shopping today and I took advantage of the fact to grab some fabric for the NYE mystery that planet patchwork is doing – A Big Fan .. we are guessing stained glass or applique or something .. I still need to get one more package of twill tape .. they only had 3 packs, but i figured i would grab what they had and get the other pack soonest .. but this way I could start on the mystery at least – heh .. it was pretty funny actually .. the lady at the cutting table asked me what I was making and I could honestly say .. I don’t know .. she looked at my like I was crazy, so i explained it to her .. she thought it was the neatest thing and had never heard of it .. i’m thinking to myself .. lady are you NUTS .. one of the first things I heard about when I got into quilting and online groups was mysteries and that was back in 1996 for crying out loud!?! **shakes head .. At any rate – I didn’t see much I liked and was getting desperate and Reg was losing his patience with me for it .. so i finally decide on something that’ll do .. and then saw the red tagged quilting stuff right next to the cutting line 😀 heh .. worked out very well .. I got the 2 blues there and I rather do like them very much!!

hpim2344Also at joann’s, I grabbed some more yarn .. this is fingering weight and one is actually called sock stripes .. should be interesting – not sure what I’m going to think about the stripes .. I like more of the variegate or jacquards type thing – but the selection of the baby / fingering / sock weight was actually pathetic .. worsted, chunky even sport up the ying yang .. baby / fingering .. minimal .. bah! but I did grab some more DPNs .. i got the susan bates sock set .. I LOVE her needles .. least the other ones I have just glide so nicely ..

hpim2347Reg saw this there and we just had to get it .. I’ve been threatening for YEARS that santa was going to leave coal in Kyle’s stocking .. well this year he is LMAO!!!! I just LOVE it .. oops .. i hope he doesn’t read this .. okay, nuff about tricks and stunts i’ll pull on kyle ..

I’ve been fighting a headache all day, and yes I was shopping with it, but I’m off to cast on the next sock and get a few rows of ribbing done on it just in case reg needs company tomorrow again .. if not, when i get up – matthew’s quilt will get done and erica’s started .. good thing these aren’t bed quilts!!

Hope you are having a great holiday season and a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Socking Snow; NYE fabric

  1. The NYE fabs look good! So, you’ve finished (almost) one blue sock. You bought blue fabs for the NYE project. You bought at least 4 more socks’ worth of blue yarn.

    Lemme guess: You like blue today?

    How did the frustrating sock pattern work itself out?

    LOL I do like blue .. Purple and blue are my favs … But the choices I had were garbage .. Traditional baby colours (white, pink, yellow and blue) for the baby weight and the sock yarn I grabbed were mostly various shades of browns .. If I’m going to the effort to do these socks I would rather they be noticeable 😀

    As for NYE – I started out with red, then looked at orange, yellows and then purples and then pinks .. Then finally green – this was the best combination that I found that spoke to me .. I guess I do have a lot of blue LOL

    Well it worked out okay – there was no problem once I got past the heel part and pickup part – I did sew the sock up last nite and cast on and ribbed the next sock to 10 rows. With all the sock patterns out there, I won’t be doing this one again LOL – but it could be me that was reading it wonky, eh?


  2. Wow, do I like those fabs for the NYE mystery! Cool colors and blends! I am thinking oranges as I have been collecting them, but then orientals are on my mind 🙂 Hmmm…decisions, decisions! I hope Reg can take time for Christmas! Sounds like he is one busy, tired man! Hoorah! for you keeping him company! Oh, and Susan Bates hooks are the only ones I will use for the same reasons!


  3. Looks like you’re on a blue streak! I hope it doesn’t mean you’re feeling blue. Love the mystery fabrics. Like Carmen , I’m thinking orientals for mine , since I have a stash of them already.



  4. I hope you are keeping warm. I have relatives in NY who snow plow. That was awfully nice of you to go with him. You are a good wifey. Your sock is lovely as always. Can’t wait to see the striped one. I hope you all stay healthy and warm while you are being pounded on. Make a snow angel for me. LOL.

    I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.
    Hugs to you all.


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