Snow Dayze

hpim2340We’re getting a wee bit of snow today .. heh … we are at roughly 6″ and it’s still falling right now .. and it’ll be falling for another 3 hours or so .. so we might end up with 9″ if not more, then another inch on Saturday and another dumping on Sunday like this one ..

We’ve been lucky and been missed by all the other snow dumpings so far .. we only got 3″ on Tuesday and that’s been it so far. I’m likely not to see Reg until sometime tomorrow – the company he works for does grounds maintenance and well plowing and salting is part of their contracts .. he worked 15 hours on Monday nite – Tuesday am. I’ve talked to him and he’s been out since 4am and he can’t keep up with it at all and is trying to keep 4 or 5 lots cleared now. Poor guy.

hpim2343These are the best pics from what I took that I can show you – you can see just how much snow there is already – if you look near the black fence you can see how much is actually on the ground (!) Yeah we are getting a dumping. See that fence top?? That comes up to maybe just about my knees – yes I know I’m only 5’2″, but still that’s a LOT of snow!  Hey Mary you like snow so much, you can come and get this stuff 😉  And you can keep the cold you’re having .. actually it looks like a heatwave at 12º.

Plans for today, finish Matthew’s quilt and get started on Erica’s .. I found a fish one that I like that i’m modifying a bit (shocksurprise right??) to suit me. I do want to get started on hers today! I’ve some energy and looking forward to getting some giftees crossed off my list. I’ll be basting the spinner quilt tonite or tomorrow. We’ll just have to see

Have a great day and stay warm!


One thought on “Snow Dayze

  1. I’m hoping it comes my way! It’s warmed up a bit for now 21 degrees but not for long – we’ll be -5 by tomorrow night.


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