On the Mend??

It’s been an interesting few days .. I was hit head on by a tsunami of FATIGUE … couldn’t do a bloody thing .. I ended up sleeping from 4am to noon .. then Reg got home from work, so instead of making noise in the cat cave – I headed for the couch with my knitting and was going to wait him out (he was only sleeping 4 hours then out for basketball) well I didn’t make it until 1 – i was OUT like a light until 7pm, and even then I didn’t feel rested .. but the it must have done me some good, because suddenly I was almost my normal bouncing off the walls busy self .. really i was .. I’m still in shock, it’s been weeks since I felt this way ..

This was horrid – I wasn’t even energized enough to read, let along reply to list mail .. even personal email was falling to the way side .. I’ve done a bit today, but not to much .. I wanted to strike on quilting while the energy was / is there .. I am NOT used to feeling like this – I absolutely hate it! okay .. nuff whining .. sorry about that 😥 .. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have energy again!!

Of course I took full advantage of this burst .. I didn’t know how long it was going to last and needed to get SOMETHING done! I pulled out Matthew’s quilt and started to quilt it .. I still have no imagination, so meander was the word of the day .. and meander I did .. all of the place. I could have had this all done earlier today and binding on, but I ran out of the thread I was using (I forgot how much thread meandering uses), and went with somthing closer in colour even though I had my doubts about it .. one of these days I’ll listen to myself. Honestly, I might have been beyond caring tho .. well the bottom thread was loose and ‘erratic’ to say the least and it had been that way the whole time I was quilting .. **sigh Of course this didn’t become an issue, it felt fine while quilting, until i was ¾ done – I had another 5 mins maybe and the outer border would be done . yeah right .. needless to day, I spent a few hours frogging out the outer border quilting .. i HATE frogging quilting and will normally never do it, but I couldn’t avoid it in this case. So straight line quilting now, changed my mind on the meander in the outer border, I’ll just quilt right down the middle of the border 😀 heh ..works for me! I still might get that done tonite, I’m afraid of pushing it, but I can’t let this opportunity swoosh past me .. not at this point!!

While doing the quilting for Matthew’s, Erica’s motif sort of started to resolve itself .. I’ve been looking at her tile quilt as a zen-like reflection / meditation pool, so i’m going to see if I can hunt down some continuous line fish and doing them along with the odd lily pad or what not tossed in .. nothing huge – just simple ..

While I was non-energized, I did manage to get some knitting done .. I really struggled with a part of this, I won’t go into the details, but these are not ankle socks AND if you follow the pattern it seems like where you shape the heel gusset is written out of order – I did find a work around and it seems to be okay – good thing I always take notes when I knit! I would hate to have to try and remember THAT! I really like the way the yarn looks – This is Luster Sheen By Red Heart and the colourway is Ocean – I really like this! I’m not to happy with my stitches on this at all, but I guess I’ll adjust to it and get over myself .. afterall, they will be on my feet – OH OH OH speaking of feet .. reg took one look at my puffin socks and said oh Dr. Seuss socks LOL .. so they’ve been named Dr. Seuss socks ..

Okay I’m off to see if I can finish matthew’s quilt tonite .. not to much more to do and I know I’ll feel GREAT once it’s done ..

prayers for me on this please!


3 thoughts on “On the Mend??

  1. More prayers going up for you right now. Glad you had that blast of energy. I wish I could get one. I have so much to get finished by Christmas. I have to get this scarf finished so I will be up all night again tonite if you want to chat. I will check in on the hour. The quilt looks great and I had to laugh at Reg’s name for the sock. Looked like an Oompa Loompa sock to me LOL. Hugs. JoyB


  2. Now you know prayers are being said 🙂 Glad you had more energy and hope and pray you will continue to gain strength and energy! Hey I did notice you changed your picture! And from what I can see of Matthews quilt, it looks great, sorry about the backside–an oopsie. Looking forward to our Gracie getting back in the groove!


  3. Prayers are being sent your way. The weather here has been so gloomy. I haven’t seen sunshine in at least a week. This is the south. It isn’t supposed to be this way. It reminds me of when I lived in New York and we had 6 months of snow and gloom.

    I love the socks. Hope you feel better soon.


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