packages, basting, and socks – OH MY!

hpim2298Even tho I’ve not posted in a few days, I’ve at least been busy .. not doing any tearing up as normal, but a respectable work load done 🙂 I’ve cut the charms for charity and they are posted (I posted them yesterday Michele (Sunday), I’ve 2 boxes packaged and ready to be shipped next Saturday, and also another package ready to go, which will be shipped on Saturday as well. Shipping from the states is quicker and cheaper 🙂 so that works for me.

The creepy crud has really moved in here .. it’s starting to make me cough and sneeze some more, and now Reg is coming down with it .. poor guy! Kyle is still healthy so please pray for him to stay that way ..

hpim2294I was getting on a roll for the charms for charity so I cut up and packaged 4 sets of 6 for Michele – I tried to chose a variety of fun prints and colours from kids to adults .. male and female .. even if I don’t win, this is the one way that I can help and these charms are going for quilts for chemo patients .. Knowing that she’s doing this now, I just might cut up some charms as I go along – we’ll have to see how that goes.

hpim2295As I’ve said, I’ve made some progress on Matthew and Erica’s quilts .. the spinner quilt will be done tomorrow .. I am going to meander with some wonky-ish shapes for matthew’s quilt in red on top, blue on the bottom, and Erica’s I’m still not sure what I’m going to do . maybe some loose spiral wave type things .. I keep thinking reflecting pool – rather like a zen garden when I look at this, so maybe something that flows or is abstract enough in such a way that it induces a calming effect?  There’s enough motion in the quilt, so I want to be ‘sedate-ish’ when I do her quilting.  These I’ll start tomorrow night maybe ..

hpim2297You can also see in that pic – TWO socks .. yes I said TWO socks .. I was so close to finishing them, that when I finished basting the quilts and just couldn’t stand anymore, I decided to sit with reg and watch some tv and finish them up .. I’m even wearing them right now .. and they are as toasty as I knew they would be!

Oh and thanx to Bobbie, I sent in my request for an invite for ravelry and I got it this AM and propmtly accepted and did my profile .. so you know I was playing there today .. that site is just wayyy to coo! I know there’s a site for quilters like this, but it isn’t free! It’s a shame really, but that’s okay .. I’m content to be accountable to me on my blog with my quilting stuff .. what I do like about it is that you can queue your projects – no more trying to remember … I have a ‘few’ sock patterns waiting there as well as a few toque patterns for Reg .. and of course, earwarmers.

We did go shopping on sunday and we managed to get a few things bought, which is nice 😉 I still have to get Reg’s big gift .. sorry, can’t say because he does read my blog at times .. tomorrow the part should be here for my furnace and hopefully the new thermostat will get installed too – that would be a nice relief!

Tomorrow’s plans, baste the spinner quilt, Kyle’s dr appt, quilt the cmas quilts, start another knitttng project for tv handwork .. and the usual stuff too .. dinner, laundry, etc etc etc

I’ll be trying my hardest to stay away from the computer for the next week .. Even with getting my invite to ravelry, I didn’t go overboard on time there 😉 And I do need to watch that .. Otherwise I’ll get nothing done and while I’m going to be really pushing it, it’s still doable for getting these quilts done .. All I have to say is Thank God they aren’t full bed-sized quilts! OH almost forgot to mention, I called quilt pro this AM and they are sending out another disk to replace this one – so with our shopping trip to the US, I’ll be getting it then I hope!

Hope everyone is healthy and not stressing about cmas to much


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