Saturday Stuff

hpim2291So far nothing quilt related done today, but the house is done (!!) Kyle finished setting up our village before he took off with my dad again for the afternoon for shopping and left me to do the rest of the clean-up – that’s okay .. it likely would have been a case of me having to get him back to do it again and again .. and I really didn’t want to deal with that :\. heh – while I was downloading the pics from my camera, I noticed that he had taken this pic of himself with the camera this am – I had mentioned to him earlier that I wished I had got a pic of him in his new duds 🙂 To bad he didn’t smile ..

Ooops he’s back and looks like it didn’t go well .. I rather figured it wouldn’t as my dad’s in a mood .. but normally Kyle doesn’t get the brunt of it .. poor guy!

hpim22931I had meant to post a pic that I manage to get of Shadow the other day but had forgotten about it .. I wasn’t going to at that point, but last nite as I was just finishing up emails, I hear this tinkle, tinkle of tree ornaments .. here I am thinking that Shad was playing with the ornaments and out I go to get her away from the tree .. Next thing I see is this cat launching out of my tree – the wee fiend had climbed the tree again. This pic was taken after Reg had set the tree up for me while I was at work that year. Last year and this year, she didn’t have a chance to roost in it as we decorated it right away .. My darling little Princess Hiss .. gotta love cats. I might have to get a power bar behind the tree so I can put their ‘basket’ there so they can look out the front window – I’m thinking that that was her plan.

hpim2292hpim2293Here’s the job that Kyle did for our village .. altho I can see that the tissue paper isn’t going to last, that is right in the path of the kitty highway .. and there is glitter on the tissue paper which is likely going to end up all over the floor.

Well I’m tired, but a goal is to get something cmas giftee related accomplished today .. so piecing erica’s back or picking matthews backing and basting his quilt .. something – anything ..

Oh and yes, the crud is still around – today is stuffiness and a headache .. (**sigh)

Hope you’re getting stuff accomplished today 😀 AHA .. I need to package up some stuff for mailing – so I’ll do that as I need to make boxes for 2 of the things I’m shipping.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. Love the pic Kyle took, but he really should SMILED! How tall is that kid anyway? Perhaps get a pic of the both of you together? heheheheh Today is going better-ish for me 🙂 Actually sewing some today afterall! I sent Rick to run errands so I could get something organized! I call this crud, the CREEPER! Just when you think you may be over it, it CREEPS back in! Good luck with the basting today 🙂 or rather this evening! How’s the other sockie coming along?


  2. It’s looking very Christmas-y there, Missy! Not so much here – although I have been trying very hard to be a good girl and keep my knee elevated. I finished crocheting 2 dish-soap bottle dresses and another dish-cloth dress. I suppose that I ought to work some more on the baby hoodie tonight – I think I have everything done except the hood, then I’m suppose to block the pieces before sewing them together. And sometime I’m going to have to put my foot on the sewing pedal and zip up covers for the corn-bags I made last weekend. SIGH… So much left to do, so few weekends til Christmas!


  3. Ah Grace if we could only have control of everything in ourlives LOL
    Your DS looks very hip, cool and modern (Project Runway terms if you are a watcher) in his new duds.
    As for the kitty tree climbers…yea been there and done that more than once LOL. This year I have only had to chase one of our three kitties out of the tree.
    About that dye…yeah right! What a pain and as for not washing it because of color loss…good luck unless this is a wall hanging!


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