Frustrated Challenges

Challenge Friday is what today should be designated – while it wasn’t a bad day – it sure had it’s fair share of crud .. starting with the creepy crud coming back (not like it every left, eh?) But today it decided to show up full force with coughing, sneezing, stuffiness and a lack of voice and minimal energy .. I’m so bloody tired of this thing … I do NOT have the time for the crud right now ..

hpim2285But regardless of how I felt, I did resolve to get “something” ANYTHING done today for cmas gifts. With that goal in mind, I took the easiest task (I really should have known better) of over-dying the backing for the spinner quilt – I’m glad that i checked the dylon site for this one, because this wasn’t a cold water dye – nope – this was a multipurpose dye. I’m pretty sure I’ve used these type before, but do not ever remember having to do this on the stove .. my poor stock pot – hpim2287the only pot big enough (besides my canner) for this – So I printed off the directions for using this dye and followed the directions … Good thing this only had to simmer for 20 minutes .. I was pretty hard pressed to keep it from ‘simmering’ over the top of the pot – and of course with the boiling action, it was filling up the fabric with air and raising it over the surface of the water. That simmering action managed to not let me have the usual hand-dyed look that I love – instead, it’s almost a solid colour .. this is a mixed blessing for me – it’s not longer gray, but it’s certainly not what I was looking forward to – it IS blue .. hard to tell in this photo as it was not taken in daylight.

hpim2289Will I use this particular dye from dylon again – oh HELL no! It warns in the instructions “Results are not  colourfast, so dyed items should be turned inside out and washed separately. “ Now answer me this – when you dye something, it goes through and through the dyed fabric .. so seriously folks, what will turning it inside change?? I so swear to God .. some ppl’s kids pfft. And why would you have a dye that isn’t colour-fast??? It defies explanation and boggles the mind .. and today it didn’t take much to do that to me …

hpim2284Dad finally made it to the PO Box and my quiltpro program was there .. I’m all tickled and happy – even almost looking forward to moving files over again and then finally taking down the old puter .. I put the disk in … wait … wait some more .. wait .. okay .. my system is NOT seeing this disk .. I don’t see my normal little pinhole for emergency ejections on this new mac .. okay reboot 😉 Maybe it’ll spit it out or read it on reboot .. well it did read it and see it .. I’m all happy that it’s there and I’m basically like .. okay .. this’ll work .. I double click the installer and I get an error message .. (OH judaspriest!!!) Bad disk **sigh .. so I pull up my reciept and hpim22841dial the 800 number .. well geeze .. not in service .. wtf?? There’s only 2 numbers there and one’s a fax – Off to the site I go .. AHA .. a non 800 number for me call .. I call and get through .. to voice message .. ya’ll can see where this is going can’t you?? yup .. their hours are Monday – Friday from 9 – 5 CST .. BLOODYHELL it’s 6:30 EST! **sigh .. back burner this until Monday .. DRAT!

hpim2290After reg got home from his game, I gave up – I’d had enough and really couldn’t take any more – his team won btw 😀 that is just wayyy to cool .. but anywho .. so we sit to watch the pistons and I decide I’m going to knit .. that went well! A row that I managed to go ‘backwards’ on the seed stitch, but other than that .. I’m pretty pleased with it .. I’m actually on the foot part of the sock and only 38 more rounds to go until I start with the toe **SMILES

Kyle went out shopping with my dad for Reg and I – My dad also bought him his cmas present .. I’m wishing I had gotten pics .. he picked out some black jeans, 2 polo shirts with that retro look and a hoody! My dad was impressed with the way he handled himself .. so there is hope for him yet. My dad wrecked one of my Cmas presents tho – He was talking to me about their shopping trip and asked if Kyle had given me the tea yet .. I’m like what tea?? Then I say – I think you just wrecked my cmas gift – he’s like, No I didn’t .. well I was right and he did – not my main gift, but still something he would have put in my stocking I’m sure – poor Kyle .. he’s worried about my sleep patterns (yeah I know .. what sleep patterns) and bought me a natural tea that induces relaxation and sleep .. It’s from teaopia and it’s part of their wellness blend .. he talked with the lady there and made sure it wasn’t to sweet or had caffeine .. This has papaya (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE papaya) with some honey and a few other goodies – well kyle took the wrecked surprise in stride and made me a cup of tea right then! It was good too! I think he’ll be making me a cuppa when he’s off for bed for the next bit. Gotta love the kid 😀 His heart is in the right spot

Welp – tomorrow is another day, we’ll get our cmas village set up – oh I did get the nativity scene set up 😀 I could have cracked my dad tho .. reg and kyle just LOVE the tree (and reg usually doesn’t get excited bout this stuff – normally, it’s like, it looks good and that’s it) – my dad goes .. why don’t you put a star on it – I just looked at him .. I’m like .. him of all ppl – could he be that oblvious about the angel?? Wish mum was here to smack him one .. he’s the tact of a bull in a china shop some days .. ah well .. ilovemydad, ilovemydad, ilovemydad … and I honestly can’t remember him saying a word about whether it looked nice or not .. (@@) <- rolling eyes!!

I’m sitting here trying to think if there was anything else, like I could really want anything else at this point?? nope – letting it go

Have a great day / nite! 😀


2 thoughts on “Frustrated Challenges

  1. Well sorry about your dad but hey I TOTALLY get it!! Shaun has totally sobered up and is in Maui for a week. I was almost glad to hear they are having unusually heavy rain and flooding ( serves him right)His friends wedding was supposed to be on the beach today but they had to postpone it for a few days as it was nasty on the beach. The sock is looking awesome. I still have yet to tackle one but Jason wants some for Christmas so I will be doing some soon. I gotta get me some of that tea. I love papaya too.. Yummo. Love ya’s. JoyB


  2. Well, Gracie, we both had a ‘challenging day’! But me thinks yours went better than mine 😦 Ah, well, nothing that can’t be fixed or changed or rearranged or disappear LOL Dads! Gotta luv ’em, ey?! Kyle is growing up nicely! Great kid to worry about you and try to help you out in a most loving and tender way 🙂 Whatever you are doing with him is working, so keep it up! Fire the dye and make sure you never, but never buy that brand again! Turn inside out indeed–what the heck was that about? Your Tree is gorgeous! Want to decorate mine now? LOL And I have another at DH’s work to decorate also!


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