Lights … action

hpim2276It really was my intention to get the backing for the spinner quilt over-dyed today – but today ended up being a series of phone calls that went over several hours .. and then I didn’t want to start anything as Reg was on his way home and we would be going shopping for my Cmas tree lights – but that was an hour plus . the only guy i know that can get lost ina high school LMBO .. ah well … then of course shopping for lights, new ornaments and having supper just got us home to late to start the over-dyeing .. tomorrow will work for me .. i hope ..

I couldn’t believe how hard it is to find white mini lights – Walmart had the smaller count boxes of 100 – I would need like 4 – 6 of them .. yes I am a light fiend 🙂 and i really wanted white this year .. so i looked online at cdn tire and saw that they carried the larger count boxes of lights .. so that’s where we went .. they had a TON of LED lights, outdoor lights, outdoor LED lights, but the shelves for the incandescent minis – practically bare .. you’d have thought it was Mother Hubbard’s cupboard **pfft well we found 2 boxes of 250 count lights – the ONLY 2 left, and they were open .. i look over at the cmas tree display (that has lights on it) and start to hunt for a plug .. finally i find one and plug them in ….**whew they work .. well there’s that – I have LIGHTS .. now for new ornaments .. or more ornaments ..

With Orion and her ‘happy’ tail keeping all the ornaments at the top of the tree just isn’t feasible .. I do have some unbreakable ones – but not as many as I would like .. sooo reg liked the silver ones and i liked red and gold .. i would have preferred silver, purple and blue, but with having white lights, it would have been really ‘bright’ or to ‘much’ and the effect would have been lost .. so we got red and gold .. we were looking – seriously looking at blue and silver, but we couldn’t find a lot of what liked – we found these 2 sets with the stars in red, gold and silver but no blue .. found some other gorgeous ornaments in blue but no silver .. so we opted for the gold as there was more of it and the glitterly balls that reg likes so much, but no more red (that we liked) than we I have here .. so we’ll be looking for more red ornaments in our travels .. I do have some wooden ornaments that go back to when I was a teenager that a secret Santa gave me 😀 yes i still have them and a few other ones that I treasure – so we’ll be okay ..

How much you want to bet we won’t have enough garland .. I really wanted to do a ribbon, but these 2 sets both come with bead garland and I have 2 or 3 sets of red garland already .. oh both of these sets have stars, but I’ll be using the angel that mum used t have on our tree when I was little .. you know as I was taking this picture, I realized that these mini lights are net lights .. oh geeze looeze – well I’ll try it and see how it goes ..worse case scenario – they go back

Since my child managed to get himself suspended for 1½ days, he’ll be doing some cleaning and doing the tree 😀 oh his suspension?? mostly b/c he was doing unsafe things .. such as taking flying jumps off the stage and when he and a child (2 years younger than him) were playing basketball, they collided under the net – this basketball net is attached to the brick wall and well .. the younger child rather hit said wall hard and raise a bump on his forehead .. I think the principle is being ‘over sensitive’ with this – but it’s not so much a discipline suspension, but more a case of ‘he needs to stop and take a breath and think about things’ suspension – she even said he didn’t do it on purpose, but she is suspending him .. (chases tail for fun) .. this is the sort of suspension that will be off his record – if these incidents (stage jumping and the basketball collision) had happened on separate days – it would have been no big deal, BUT they were on the same day and he was in the office for both of them .. so he popped up on her radar – can’t blame her and I won’t .. I do like this principle and this school .. it’s been so good for him and he’s excelled socially as well as academically, his grades were always good .. his social life bit the big one .. that’s past and he’s doing well .. even had his first ‘girlfriend’ and break-up – this week too .. poor kid .. only Wed and he’s had such a long week ..

Kyle if you are reading this, have you turned a really cute shade of red from your mum talking about you??  heh .. brat was on my blog earlier today and left a comment – scroll down for his comment .. nice use of his computer lab, eh???

No actual basting of the spinner quilt until Monday then – so I’ll have to do Erica’s, Matthew’s and the over-dyeing.

Have a great day / nite – I’m off to knit for a bit – to tired to sew right now ..


One thought on “Lights … action

  1. Hey my kid was acting crazy yesterday at school too. But he got lucky and didn’t get in trouble. He was jumping stairs to see how far up he could jump from. And of course it was a dare. Rotten thing. I will have to tell him about Kyle getting suspended. He loves to ramble on about all the thing she does at school. Even if it gets him in trouble or scolded. Some one else dared him to eat 2 packs of hot sauce at lunch.
    I told him he was becoming the strange kid who would do anything someone dared him to do.

    I can’t wait to see a picture of your tree. One year I will do a themed tree. probably when the kids are all grown up.

    I gave you a creative blogger award on my blog. Go see.


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