Trumpets n Fanfare …

hpim2272Well this rather feels good 🙂 .. I finally have finished the borders for Erica’s quilt .. I tell ya, I was doubting it would happen at the rate I was going .. I wanted to try and get these done the other nite, but just plain ran out of steam. Everyone seemed to really like the placement borders that I used, so I tried to use those .. **holybiblebatman** – those borders were a pain .. I struggled and battled with them for a good two days before I screamed for help from Carmen .. and she wasn’t able to get anywhere with them either .. poor thing came down sick at the time too ..

Then I started to look at it again and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it no way .. then I came down sick .. Then I finally decided to go back to “Plan A”; only thing was, the extending borders were rather bothering me – it didn’t seem right to not have a block in the corners framed by the inner border, so I thought .. what the heck .. who says it has to be framed .. so I didn’t do it .. Quilt police just HATE me .. (heh .. good feelings mutual!) So the struggle to decide how many blocks to use … we won’t go there .. once was enough .. I finally decided on a nice minimalist asymmetrical border with a staggered frame .. I just love it .. and I love working with hand-dyed fabrics .. they are so soft and have such a nice hand to them .. I do have those other blocks left and I just might make a pillow case or some such thing for her or maybe a tote bag .. we’ll just have to see ..

So all the tops are done for cmas gifts .. now the ever “pleasant” task of basting .. there are days I just hate to do it and this is one of them .. oh coo – I just realized I can likely stall one more day as I have still have to over-dye the backing for the spinner quilt .. and that one HAS to be done by Dec 19th or I’ll be working only on it late late late at nite – not that I don’t do that anyways .. but you know what I mean.

hpim2271I did some work on the cuff of sock II tonite, didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but far enough – I’m more tickled that the tops are done .. I’ve only 3 more sets of 8 rows to do for this cuff to be finished, then I get to graft it together and then start on the sock itself .. maybe by the weekend or middle of next week (If I get in super quilt mode) it’ll be done and I’ll be sporting these funky socks 😉  How cool is THAT?!

Welp – my dad didn’t show up .. he told kyle that he fell asleep – but he also told us that he was out in front of the house between 8 and 9 .. which is rather odd as kyle leaves at 8:20 and he didn’t see him .. dad usually parks in front of the house .. I asked him if he was sure he had the right house **znerk!!  We did supper instead, so you just sooo know I’m going to get a call or he’s going to show up ‘demanding’ that I go with him .. **sigh .. MEN!

As for my door sweep .. well it was attached by screws but they started to pop right out as I pried the first two so I kept going – it was after the first three that they refused to come out, but the sweep that was there cracked, so at that point, I just kept going .. Well needless to say, the front door on this house has been Mickey Moused together and prolly with some kleenex and spit, bailing wire and twine for good measure .. yup – you guessed it .. it kept popping off – I’m not sure a ‘standard’ piece is going to fit in there .. I’ve a few other ideas I’m going to try – but am not going to hand drill holes in the door to do it .. So I’ve got part of the sweep placed in the gap for the time being just to block the air since the gap is now a good ¼” bigger now **sigh oh and since it’s been cut, Home Depot won’t accept it as a return, so unless I figure out a way to use this, I’m out almost $20 with tax .. yeah you can sooooo see me going there in the near future (pfft – i don’t think so!!)

Tomorrow I get to over-dye the backing for the spinner quilt and maybe I’ll start basting, we’ll just have to see ..

Have a great day/ nite!


5 thoughts on “Trumpets n Fanfare …

  1. WooHoo!! and congrats on getting that top finished!! Looks fantastic! Just the right accent for the busy center 🙂 and by the sounds of it you better get the other sock knitted up quickly! Hey, have you thought of a door snake for your draft stopper? They work great for either side of the door. When someone is home it can be laid out across the gap on the inside, when you are out, put it on the outside of the door. Works! Really! Had to do that one place we lived until we replaced the whole dang door. Another thing you can do is replace the threshold–some have a higher rubber tubing or you can do both! Good luck!


  2. Trumpets and fanfare, indeed! It looks awesome – and much, much more interesting than if you’d stayed “more traditional”.

    Great job!!


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