I think I’m feeling better, altho I still have that ick feeling in the back of my sinuses, I do feel more energized (altho nothing like normal) and am plotting cutting Erica’s borders – so this is a good thing.

hpim2263While suffering from the icky feeling and a nasty case of insomnia over the weekend, I knitted up one of the socks – I did the majority of this on DPNs and struggled in the foot section (altho that could havehpim2264 been b/c i was just so bloody whacked). I did grab some 3.25mm DPNs at walmart and you can see the difference it made in my stitches. I’m rather pleased with this and look forward to getting the other one done soon so I can actually wear them 🙂 If I make these again, I won’t make the leg length as long .. I really do prefer a crop sock and this is just almost to high for me -I’m eyeing the maizy socks for my next ones, but need to get some size 1 needles or 2.25mm – I might have some that small in mum’s DPNs but doing these in circulars is actually easier.

hpim2268I’ve decided for Erica’s borders to use up the wrong size blocks – that will make a nice size border of 4″ finished and the dark ‘banding’ will be 1″ finished. I do have all those nummy dyed fabrics and am looking forward to using them. This is the layout I am pretty sure I’ll be using .. as you can see, none of the tiles will end on the blue – well I guess that won’t matter as I’ve not really used a dyed blue in the tiles … but the darker blue fan fabric .. each of these layouts will be in the opposite corner with nothing in the adjacent corners .. this is the layout from this border pic.

hpim2267I still have to over-dye the backing material for the spinner quilt – but this will prove tricky as reg stole my bucket for salt 😐 this backing material is just to large to be using the 1 gallon zip lock bags, so I have to use my bucket .. **sigh I’ll have to see what I else I can dig up for him to use for salt – I really do like this bucket as it’s not flimsy and is a nice sturdy plastic .. hmmm .. kitty litter buckets would work … will have to dig in the basement me thinks .. sounds like a job for Kyle

I’m going shopping with my dad in the AM for family cmas gifts so I’ll see what I can get done tonite while I’m feeling okay .. i’m sniffly and a wee bit chesty, but not bone weary exhausted like I have felt for the past week.

Oh my furnace .. the furnace guy didn’t have and couldn’t find the part, (it’s the hot ignitor), but he did have one that he could rig up to work in the meantime .. only thing is, it keeps coming off and on a lot – pray this part comes in soon!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to fix my front door sweep .. well not fix, but get the new one installed. I grabbed a sweep as we have a HUGE gap under our door, and when I got this one on and shut the door, I realized that there is a factory installed sweep there already (&$^%*&^). This was also on the day the my furnace was out .. can you believe my dad said to take the door off :O I’m like are you kidding me?? I just LOVE to hemorrhage heat / money out of my house – I’ll never get the temperature back up until the furnace is fixed. Now I’ve done a bit of research and that factory sweep is installed in one of two ways .. it’s screwed on or stapled on .. if it’s stapled on, I just have to pry it off and I can install the new one .. but if it’s screw on, I’m screwed as the only way to get that off is to (you ready for this???) take the door off :O Oh HELL NO!!! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be like 41º and it won’t be to bad for having the front door open for the time necessary – I don’t have a screen door either, so something would have to be put in place to keep Pix in while the door is off .. so i am seriously going to try and get these borders done between laundry, dinner, blah blah blah .. you get the picture and also pray my ‘energy’ keeps high-ish

Have a great day!!


6 thoughts on “Healthy-ish

  1. Glad you’re feeling mostly better at least! The sock looks good and so does Erica’s Tiles. Good luck with the door situation – sounds a bit tricky.


  2. Hey! Good job on the sock! Isn’t it a pita taking pictures of your own socks? I mean, yeah, I bend funny (just call me Gumby), but there are limits!!

    Okay. The pretty pattern in the cuff gets lost with that yarn. But you know it’s there and it’s FINISHED, so rah-rah!

    Did you do these toe-up or top-down?


  3. Gracie, love the new socks! Very bright and cheery and very well made! Knitting is just not my shtick, but is definitely yours! Glad you are feeling better-ish 🙂 have missed your friendly banter. Geez, you have temps in the 40’s? Wow that is a heat wave for me up here! Though our temps have been well above normal, but really icy as it has rained, frozen and melted in successive days. I have all my Christmas shopping finished, now to finish making everything! Good luck on finishing Erica’s quilt! Told you I favored the smaller blocks and the layout for the border for them! Can’t wait to see when you gitterdone!


  4. Great socks, and I have stored the pattern websites in my favorites. I haven’t tried socks, and must do that.

    I really like Erica’s quilt. Those blocks make a perfect border. The dark border dividing the quilt and the pieced border really frames it beautifully.


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