It’s bloody cold!

Oh Boy but it’s COLD today!! Windsor weather at says it’s 21º F right now with some light flurries and our wind is at 14 mph – not a good day for the furnace to stop working me thinks … Last nite about 3am when I was getting out of the tub, it was bloody cold in the house – I check and it said 66ºF (ESH!!!!) and the temp was dropping .. I’m guessing our furance had stopped working around 2am as the bathroom felt chilly when I went into the tub, but it wasn’t COLD – so I emailed the landlord and warned them, I’ve spoken with them today and the furnace guy should be here anytime .. he called me about 3:30pm saying he would be about 2 hrs – but he IS coming today. With space heaters and the oven (every hour or so), I’ve managed to keep the house around 68º, so it’s not to bad. Altho I would kill for a heated toilet seat right about now 😉 So today I’ve not been inclined to do much else besides try NOT to think about my cold toes, fingers and nose.

To add to this, I’ve got a bug of some sort .. I wake up feeling fine, but tired – then as the day wears on, I start to feel like absolute and total crap .. This rather explains my lack of energy and enthusiasm for quilting right now .. it just takes to much energy .. I would rather plop myself on the couch with some knitting and keep busy that way … it keeps me busy enough so that I’m not bored.

Erica’s borders still aren’t done, part of it is trying to get that placement border done in something I can understand – the templates that are kicked out are just wayyy to weird for me right now .. they make no bloody sense .. I can handle the inset seam part .. but it’s just wayyy to much effort .. so I’m back to the original plan of using the wrong size blocks as borders with the dyed fabrics and the purple that I picked up ..

Just to jog your memory these are the borders I was fiddling with:

ericaborders1 ericaborder21 ericaborder3

with these fabrics .. for the border and the backing:


borders - backing


I’m looking at the 2nd border layout – I really do like the asymmetrical look in quilts … it’s been something that I’ve been using more and more – starting with the spinner quilt – it seems to add a new dimension to a quilt and almost makes it look bigger than it is ..

Yesterday I was kidnapped by my dad for about 4 hrs .. dinner included .. but I did manage to turn it into a reverse kidnapping of sorts as we went to Walmart 😉 … I wanted to grab some yarn as I’ve been wanting to knit myself some socks 😀 I’ve only done one pair before for kyle when he was a baby, and I figure that socks will knit up pretty quick .. I decided to grab a mess of yarn so I wouldn’t have to go back out anytime soon or try to get a way there .. In the pic, you’ll see numbers .. 1 & 2 are going to be for regular sport weight socks; 3 will be for finer socks, and I got 4 for various household stuff, dishcloths, trivets, towels, etc .. I’m going to be using the purples for the first set of socks .. hmmm .. the one looks more pink that purple doesn’t it .. it didn’t look that way in the store or in my house .. I might have to rethink this one **cries .. I did some serious hunting and came up with some cool socks (least I think so, but that’s what counts in this case, right??) I finally settle on this one – puffin perky – I was seriously looking at this one too, but didn’t have size 6 DPN (I do now tho ;))Beginner Sock – other contenders were Maizy Crop Socks and Quick Knit Eyelets. I’m sure that I’ll end up doing them all – gee maybe that’s why I picked up so much yarn?? **innocent whistle

While I was out, I grabbed a new light for my sewing machine and that’s all good to go now 🙂 So, I’m sort of a happy camper – once I get my furnace fixed and then shake off this cold, I’ll be even happier .. I sure hope I feel better soon (or at least energized), as Reg has a tournament this weekend and I’ll have the house to myself, so I can get some stuff done .. God willing!

AHA!!!! Furnace guy is here .. God willing, I’ll have heat soon !!

Have a great day!!

Well I have heat again **kittyhappydance Now to get it regulated again .. we are going to get a new thermostat – I hope – and then the temperature won’t be so hard to figure then .. it’s a nice balmy 70º right now and it needs to come down a bit .. He has to order the part and the closest place for my furnace is in London (bout 2 hrs away) sooo – he rigged something up so that at least the furnace works and heat comes out the vents!!

Now I’m going to hit the couch with my yarn and needles and hopefully I’ll feel better soon!


3 thoughts on “It’s bloody cold!

  1. I keep my house at 65 degrees but I wear layers because I’m in and out. I walked downtown in the snow – did mention I love winter. Feel better.


  2. It was down to 33 here last night, and only up to 55 today. I guess that sounds like a heat wave to you but it sure didn’t help my sore muscles any. I keep looking at your sock patterns and stuff – and found my “teach yourself to knit” book today while looking for the flower crochet earmuff directions… Maybe after Christmas, I’ll get brave – if I find something more than my regular needles. I know I have at least one circular needle, and some DPN’s somewhere.
    Bobbie in Texas


  3. So glad you’re in a nice warm, cozy house again. I’ve had power outages where it’s gotten below 60… that’s just to nasty and no amount of quilts or covers will keep you warm at that temp!

    Warm hugs! 🙂


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