windows n ears

I was going right to town on my earwarmer – Knitting can be so mindless sometimes and so relaxing .. if I’m in tv mode, it’s great as I can keep my hands busy while watching tv. I’ve sort of been in that mode lately .. doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I like to have handwork to do … maybe I just get in handwork modes and would rather do two things at once?? No clue .. but I now have 2 earwarmers 😀 The last one I had to many rows in the lining, this time I’m short .. I think another 2 rows would have done well with this .. not sure if I like this one or the other one better .. Maybe this one . .. **shrugs ..

This time I used a sport weight yarn for the lining and it did go much better – some of knitting is off in the lining .. no clue why .. as it’s the same weight .. but guess what??? That part’s against my head and no one will see it but me 😉 so, while I care .. I don’t really care LOL ..

I got caught up on my bloglines today and one of Mary’s posts was regarding her sewing room .. I answered her that my sewing room was neat-ish .. and explained what I meant .. stuff on the table, ironing board and printer (but there is always stuff on my printer), and I thought I would take pics of what my room looked like before I put away the few things that were out ..

cutting table

ironing board


So while it’s not immaculate, it’s nothing like it was when I had to put on the breaks and do some cleaning the last time.  Just a few minutes to pick up the papers and move the stuff from the ironing board to the top of the printer .. no I am not kidding LMBO!!  and I was good to go.

Well Matthew’s quilt top is done! Today I put the sashings, inner border and outer border in (on????) I took me next to nothing to get it done either .. and my measurements were all the same for both borders when it came to measuring, so you know that makes me super happy!! That means that this quilt should (operative word here is SHOULD) squared and be able to lay flat … I’ve not tested that yet as I would really love to vacuum up the floor first .. this black is amazing on what it decides to gather to it .. all sorts of things stick to it … now is this just black or all fabrics, but we don’t notice on all other fabrics as they are lighter???

Binding will be red, but I’m seriously considering using black to outline it more. I almost did the same border that I did with the Fallabrations quilt, but changed my mind – or rather couldn’t make it up, so just went ahead with my original plan – but that would have looked stunning and then I definitely would have used black for the binding.

Now all I’ve to do is the borders for Erica’s quilt and I’m good to go for basting .. I am still thinking about over-dyeing the backing for the spinner quilt .. maybe tomorrow ..

Altho I do have to get a new lightbulb for my machine .. I go to turn on my machine and the stupid thing has burnt out (!)  How DARE it do that to me .. sewing in the dark .. pfft


5 thoughts on “windows n ears

  1. Well, I love Matthew’s windows just as well with borders on as without :0) I would definitely use the black for binding – but that’s just me!
    Bobbie in Texas


  2. Matthew’s quilt looks great – I’d probably go with black for the binding too. Sewing in the dark?! How dare the bulb choose to stop working!


  3. Love the quilt made from strings, on the black! Very dramatic, and what a great way to use seemingly leftover pieces!

    I read your comments frequently on Quiltersbee.

    Have a lovely weekend, and happy quilting.

    Thank you Elaine .. Actually this was fqs for the green and orange .. The yellow was from yardage I dyed 🙂 never thought of it as strings, but it could very well be couldn’t it?? Great eye there elaine



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