Charms for Charity

Charms for Charity ContestHere’s another charm charity contest that you might be interested in .. You can find the whole write up at Quilting Gallery


Send me six 5-inch charms of 100% cotton fabric. No more than two of the same design, please. Six charms will fold nicely to fit a standard business envelope, so it shouldn’t need any extra postage.

Print clearly on a piece of paper: Your name, email address, blog address (if you have one) and your country and state/province if in the US or Canada. Your email address will NOT be published online.

Mail to:
Michele Foster
509-261 Cooper Street
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
K2P 0G3

Deadline to mail: December 31, 2008 (final draw January 31, 2009)

P.S. If you have charm patterns that you are no longer using, I would be grateful to have them.

Please refer all questions to Michele regarding this as I’m just the messenger 🙂 Happy quilting everyone. I’ll be cutting up some charms to help – what’s even better as it’s in Canada, so no hoops to jump thru to send from the US


2 thoughts on “Charms for Charity

  1. so a charm is one 5 inch square piece of fabric?

    Yup 5″ square .. Whether I win or not, this is a good thing .. I don’t really have the time / money to do charity quilts anymore, but will cheerfully donate fabric where I can 😉


  2. Thank you Grace for posting about my Charms for Charity Contest. I appreciate your support. Thanks also for the kind words about the Living Healing Project.

    Thanks to Joanie, too, I’ll be grateful for your charms.

    Happy quilting,


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