Window ‘pains’ installed ..

hpim2254A fter that panic attack was resolved .. i canNOT believe I am that much of a twit at times .. seriously! What would it have taken me to flip the triangle around a bit instead of ‘insisting’ it went just like that .. I must have been thinking HST still (equal size) ah well .. it’s all good now ..

I did manage to move on and get the window strips all put together .. all I need to do is cut the window panes, then the 2 borders and voila! top done 😀 .. this one will be ready for basting as soon as I have those cut and stitched on .. I’m glad that I didn’t have enough of the original green to do this .. the batik is just perfect for it .. and as bobbie said, it looks like real stained glass 😉 It wouldn’t have looked so ‘life-like’ if I had used the other one …

This black is interesting to work with tho .. as you know, black fabric is the same on BOTH sides .. so if you don’t have the best lighting conditions, you have to really concentrate on seeing the edges line up LOL .. it’s been interesting, that’s for sure .. it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be too .. i knew the measurements, just didn’t think of them is all ..

oh and it’s not as crooked as the picture makes it out to be .. it is really hanging on my wall much nicer than that LOL

Have a great weekend .. I’ll likely be starting on another ear warmer tomorrow for football watching 🙂 Unless I manage to get this finished up first and then start the ear warmer … we’ll just have to see – but it IS 3:30am so i’m not holding my breath on this one at all

I guess I really can’t say anymore that I don’t do windows, eh?? **heh


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