Setting Triangles – something’s wrong


I finally got to sew yesterday and today 😀 .. WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO My goal for last nite was to get all of Matthew’s blocks done .. easy peasy .. I just cut out for the blocks and that was it .. I figure that I’ll cut for each section as I come to it ..


ah - oops

Before I even started to piece all the blocks together, I made up one block just to be sure that I’ve measured and cut these right. This is the Through the Windows pattern for that she published a few weeks ago. She did this as a pp pattern, but I would rather cut and piece – I really have to be in the mood for pp and I’m not .. soooo, I measured the block and added my seam allowances and voila .. had cutting directions for myself 😀 Like I mentioned, my goal was to get all 12 blocks done last nite .. but when I saw this and then realized that I had cut the thread on my machine, I realized I was to tired and stopped for the nite .. Not a big deal – I really didn’t feel like frogging that

So today I start off right where I left off … frogged that mistake and then proceeded to do it again LMBO – I just kill myself **znerk heh .. yes I am truly laughing at this .. **scratches head I have noooo idea how on God’s green earth I did that TWICE!! The good news is, it wasn’t on the same block. heh

hpim2253So I get all the blocks done, pressed out and squared – moving right along, time for the setting corner and setting triangles. I cut out my units for the black and stitch them on half the blocks; then I pull my setting triangles that I’ve cut and line it up and ^@#$@##& It’s like wayyyy to big .. and I’m truly confused here ..I checked the directions twice before I cut them, and thenhpim2252 doubled checked my squares before I cut them, and I even squared them up and they are 9¾”. I reread the directions, then check out a chart I have, and check a few online and they all say for 6″ finished blocks, setting triangles are 9¾” I just checked my squares again and that’s what I cut .. Why is this soooo big?? HELP!!!!! This doesn’t seem right, and no where do I read that it’s going to be THIS much bigger than the block .. oh and before you ask – Yes the blocks are currently 6½” squared and unfinished .. the corner triangles of 51/8″ worked just fine .. now why is this one so much off????

Can someone please help me? My first reaction is to just cut them down, but to what size and why is it so much bigger when all the charts say to cut this size .. is this normal???? DO they need to be this big for a reason .. Do I just stitch them then trim them down??

Needless to say, I’ve stopped sewing until this is figured out .. I just can’t blithely be stitching these together if I’m wrong and then have to frog them all .. Oh and if this is normal, don’t laugh to hard .. I’ve never done blocks on point nor ever done setting triangles ..

**cries .. gnaws nails ..

heh .. I’ve figured it out .. I’m such a bloody twit .. I didn’t have it on the longwise grain .. I took a break for a smoke and started to think about what I had read and realized that they all said LONGWISE GRAIN

So it’s all good .. I’ve figured out my own mistake .. okay … I’m off now to finish it 😀


3 thoughts on “Setting Triangles – something’s wrong

  1. Glad you figured it out – and LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric you are using. It really looks like stained glass!!!!!
    Bobbie in Texas – who’s still working out the knots in a crocheted baby sweater


  2. Inches are inches…or are they? Why would it make a difference if they were cut on the grain or crosswise? Now I’m confused.


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