Happy Thanksgiving; Earwarmer

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving day with their family and friends and that a great time was had by all .. we went to my aunt’s in Farmington tonite for supper .. Unfortunately they ended up eating before we got there (this was arranged by my dad but i wasn’t informed .. ) as Matthew and Meredith needed to go to Toledo to see her family .. I wish I had known .. i would have kicked my dad into gear earlier so we could have eaten as a family .. so this rather did upset me as it would have been nice .. yes they all sat around while we ate, but it just wasn’t the same thing .. :\ .. Meredith felt so bad for me, that she said if I would have had your number I would have called you .. that was sweet of her .. oh Meredith is Matthew’s fianceé

hpim2234After supper we headed up to the sewing room so my aunt could show me what she was making as gifts for the guests .. she’s making these really cute cord wrapped plates and baskets, but man are they a lot of work and are going to take a LOT of time .. she might not get them done by August .. I wish her luck – Erica had gone downstairs so when my aunt and i came back down, I asked her if she wanted to see what I was making Matthew and Erica –(gotta love blogs) she just loves it and says that it’s perfect for hpim2237both and they will love it .. oh and Erica’s colours – bright and vivid.. i’m gonna thump my dad .. I read a bit of my post to her about ‘ Erica’s colours’ with my Dad .. she just about pee’d herself she was laughing so hard ..

She also had some green that she decided would go great in my sewing room 🙂 .. the pic doesn’t do this one justice .. it looks all wrinkled and it’s not – it’s just the textured print of the fabric ..

No quilty today, but I didn’t really expect to get any done this week once I started to have issues with transferring the data from the old puter to the new puter .. then for some reason, my email program wouldn’t take the dictionary, so I reinstalled it and then it ate it’s own tail .. so I lost a whole day’s worth of mail .. so if you’ve emailed me and I”ve not responded yet, please email me back – I tried to remember everyone, but I’m sure I missed a few ..

hpim2235While there I finished the lining rounds for my ear warmer .. it was odd knitting this in with baby weight when i had been using sport weight, but it’s just about finished .. This pattern called for a provisional cast on .. but did I google it beforehand – NOPE .. I didn’t find what it was in my book so I just blithely knitted away .. that’s okay .. I have a few sewing of seam tricks where this will hide my seam – it would have been easier if I had .. but ah well .. I do plan on making more than one of these .. they do make up pretty quick and they are soooo cute .. but i will do this on DPNs next time .. even tho I used my shortest circular needles – they were still to long for this and I wasn’t able to get a good roll going as I was always having to move my stitches in both directions just to be able to knit them .. but I am pleased with how it hpim2236turned out ..my first colour work in like 10 years or so and weaving and joining was as simple as pie to me still 🙂 and my tensions not to bad .. you can see where there was an issue with the circular being long-ish near the bottom – so DPNs next time ..I was going to switch over, but didn’t find a size 4mm in them .. I could have sworn i have them .. the size of this will depend on what size needles i use for the next ones .. if I have to get size 4mms then so be it .. but I do want more than one to fit my mood ..

The next one will have the colours reversed .. I just love that white with the variegated colours in it and with my fall coat being purple and my winter coat being mauve, it’ll match up just fine .. maybe I can find a glove pattern I can knit .. altho I just got some new ones that are black with white fairisle on them and lined with chenille .. they are soooo warm and soft!!

So I’m off to finish my earwarmer and iron some shirts for Reg (blech!!!) as he has basketball tournament this weekend – yup my basketball widowship has begun along with all sorts of ironing of pants and shirts (**sigh)

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving; Earwarmer

  1. I had the day from hell today but am not going to go into it here. Shaun made a return trip to the hospital and we got the female doc who is just and idiot ARGH!!!
    Anyway I love your earwarmers and the new hairstyle is amazing!! Love the highlights on you.
    I am putting together a Christmas squishy for you and have forgotten what size circulars you wanted. So drop me a line and I will pick them up and get this stuff mailed off.
    Cuddle Pix for me. Mercy misses you both. Hugs. JoyB


  2. P.S. I have a great link to the provisional cast on that I had to use for a shawl pattern. I can send you the link if you still need it. I am sure it was on knittinghelp.com but I don’t have the full link handy. Off to drink my wine and knit on Jacob’s sweater. Hugs. JB


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