Earwarmer counted as done!

hpim2244J ust a quick show n tell about my earwarmer that I did finish last nite .. It fits as you can see 😉 .. a few things I’m not totally tickled about, but I’ll adjust and adapt for the next one .. I’ve mentioned these already before – so just a quick blurb here

  1. will not use circular needles – will use DPNs next time
  2. will not use baby weight for the lining – more below
  3. will do provisional cast on – more below

hpim2246All and all, I’m VERY pleased with how this turned out. I’ve not really knitted in 10 years (do dishclothes count??) and this was a colour work and fairisle pattern – hard?? No – beginner knit stuff?? .. No – experience required?? – Yes, to an extent – but it’s not rocket science if you’ve done a bit of knitting and are ready to move on past scarves .. there is NO shaping in this pattern – straight stockinette stitch.

I will NOT do this pattern in circulars unless I find one shorter than what I have, and i’m sure that they don’t make them much smaller – hence – DPN (double pointed needles) I couldn’t find my 4mm DPN until AFTER I was done .. figures,eh (just like tracy and her stored in a safe place post – I’m sure we can ALL relate!!).

hpim2246-ph15Next time I will do the provisional cast on. It wasn’t to tricky to do the binding off without doing this method, it just meant that I had a thicker seam under my lining, and picking the correct stitch up was ‘touchy’. It likely added a good hour onto my ‘finish’ time as picking up 120 stitches in sport weight on 4mm needles tends to make your eyes cross after a bit.  After I do this cast-on, I just might take the stitches and slip them onto a stitch holder and leave them there to really make my life easier – we’ll just have to see. With doing the cast on with circulars, I stretched the yarn out needlessly and created a wider base than needed.  I’m sure that with blocking / washing, this will go back to normal, but I’m not holding my breath .. and these are earwarmers for me .. they do NOT need to be perfect

hpim2245I used a baby weight for the lining of this and as Tracy predicted, it would be a looser weave .. it’s alright, but not as clean and neat as the rest of the earwarmer. One good thing, you can’t see it as it’s next to my head :D. I didn’t have to many ends to worry about darning in as when I join yarns, I weave them in for several stitches before and after they are cut / joined.

I am going to do another one in reverse colours, and I need to decide if this is just to wide for my head.  It has nice coverage tho and my ears are sweetly covered which is the whole point of these things .. style helps too 😉  But for now .. I have my iron heating up and matthew’s butterflies are ready to be cut!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOO – quilt stuff here I come 😀 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Earwarmer counted as done!

  1. What about two circular needles? Have you even tried that? You can tell I have knitted some socks. lol

    I know this may sounds dumb but I can not find the pattern. Joanie


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