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my wordle ..

my wordle ..

Never a dull moment with me … there are days I sincerely wish for some boredom – and today and tomorrow will be no exception (!)

Oh before I head off on my tangent / tirade – let me share my wordle with you .. this is something that I can now do – my OS wasn’t new enough to run the java that this requires πŸ™‚Β  I’ve been sooo dying to do this since I first saw it in Mary’s blog, then Tracy did it too .. I got a little green b/c I just couldn’t wait to see what it said what I said πŸ™‚

Such a flurry of activity for the past few days and not really going to slow down until maybe Wednesday and then off and running for turkey day .. well reg has a tournament this weekend, so I should hopefully catch up on quilt related stuff then .. πŸ˜‰ we’ll just have to see.

I was beyond tickled on Friday nite, (tired but tickled) and wanted to get my new computer set up .. well that didn’t happen .. With macs you can use your old computer as a target drive and have it show up as a virtual drive on another mac .. and the new mac os has what’s called a migration assistant that will take all your account info, passwords, preferences, etc and move them for you for all your emails, applications, and etc etc etc .. you have NO idea how that appealed to me .. but as you know me well .. I didn’t get that lucky .. (pfft)

Well I use the firewire cable and connected both computers, boot up my new mac and I’m all happy and tickled to death that it just might be THIS easy .. I couldn’t wait to see it in action .. aw drat! It’s telling me that I don’t have the right OS installed on my old mac (??) yeah okay (as i look over and see that non existent OS running happily away on my old mac) It grabbed my other drive (with an older system on it) but the most recent one – nope. – okay .. **scratches head .. I tried a few more things, but was honestly to brain dead to think straight .. I gave up for the night after posting to the apple tech board for help.

Long story short … I promise .. I have 2 hard drives in my old machine .. one was the original drive with an older (obsolete) OS on it and a mess of files etc. The other newer drive has the newer OS on it and also a whack of files .. but mostly the ones I need for my email, bookmarks for my browsers, preferences for my graphics programs .. you get the gist of this .. I NEED to be able to see both drives. especially the newer one (which it said didn’t exist) Now when I first put in the newer drive (and me not trusting technology) I put a different system on each drive just in case .. well my just in case happened last year when I lost the newest drive and all data on it .. (no that drive’s not mentioned above) So I was running off my middle back up (which is mentioned above .. the one that the new computer wouldn’t see) ..

So I call my tech rat on Saturday and get his opinion (oh and Reg and I hit dearborn, MI for some cmas shopping for the kid- and i can’t share b/c he has informed me that he can see my blog during his free time at school – Kyle go back to googling the family tree πŸ˜‰ ), he’s a wee bit stumped, but says try ethernet .. okay, I’m game .. the migration assistant has an ethernet option – this was sunday’s project

Come Sunday .. now this thing is telling me to do things that I’m like WTF???? So I throw my paws up in frustration after a few more things – it is NOT seeing my one drive .. it refuses .. it’s like neener neener .. and the network didn’t like me .. (pfft) would you believe that I used to do software / network set up and recovery on macs??? EEEKKKKKKKKKKKK LOL

I gave up and grabbed my knitting and headed for the couch to watch some football.

Monday .. Around noon, I call the tech rat and ask if he’s there and tell him i’m bout ready to bring it in .. he goes .. come on in grace πŸ˜€ .. so off i go with tower and new puter .. I get there and we find a place for me to work on my systems .. (Oh this is the guy I used to work for for the recovery stuff, and he fully expects me to work on my own system LOL) get it all set up – and to the point where I go the first message where Martti (tech rat) says it’s lying to me – heheh .. so he sees the message and suggests a few other things, and I head off for connectors and more mice and another keyboard … finally after a few attempts at other things, we get the network up BOTH ways and they are happily talking away .. so I start to copy stuff over – (just a quick note here .. I have my computer pull the time and date off the network – no muss no fuss for me .. this work bench didn’t have the internet connection – neither machine was hooked up and the date was NOT correct. and didn’t match each other .. not even the year. So after a few hours have passed and I have a gazillion gigs transfered over, I’m packing up and heading home ..

I get home and hook up the new machine to start putting stuff where it belongs .. got it all in place and start opening my programs .. WHAT???? set up??? no preferences, no settings, no account info??? EEEKKKKKKKKKKK so I hook the machines back up again … start tossing stuff over and copying it directly in the right folders .. try again .. it’s still NOT working ..

I’m kind of looking between two screens and about 8 different windows by this time wondering what on earth is going on .. I’m getting a database open message at this time too and it won’t allow me to copy my email database over <i>(I would rather lose all my bookmarks than my email database!!!)</i> When I suddenly notice that the last date modified was 03??? Then it dawns on me .. no network time and I didn’t set it manually either .. aw crap!!!! No wonder it didn’t work .. (*&^&^%(*&

So .. you know all that stuff I had copied over etc .. well guess what .. I had to do it again .. so 4 hours later, I’m 99% up and running – I’m sure that there are going to be a few things that I’ve not caught yet, but I still have my old machine up and running and will until I am ABSOLUTELY sure that I have everything I need.

Okay – tomorrow shots for Orion and a hair appt for me .. maybe the afternoon will allow for some quilty stuff .. I want to over-dyed the backing for the spinner quilt ..


3 thoughts on “NQR – Geek Post

  1. Poor, poor Gracie 😦 I feel like I should send you a comfort quilt after all that. But glad you finally got most of it up and usable πŸ™‚ Hair appointment is just what the doctor ordered! Make you feel like an all new Gracie! LOL


  2. Congrats on not letting the turkeys get you down (that’s NOT the term I started to type LOL)… You definitely picked the right day for your hair appt. Go relax and get pampered!
    Bobbie in Texas


  3. I cheated for my Thanksgiving wordle and typed in the words I wanted it to say but I think it’s time to do another one from the blog and see what pops up.

    Are you feeling better now?


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