2 days? Where??

I‘ve had a lot go on in the past 48 hrs ..hard to believe that it’s just 48 hours (!!) Well yeah it is 48 hours .. Friday and today .. more so Friday than today .. but still .. it’s been busy ..

Well Thursday nite ended without me getting any sleep .. Kyle reminds me in the AM to please call about when he’s expected at hockey on Saturday. So I make that call, then call a mess of vets and talk to my dad, and talk to reg .. in between all these phone calls and whatnot, I’m running up and down the stairs dyeing fabric – I got all the fabric dyed for the backing on the spinner quilt, Erica’s borders and backing and Matthew’s yellow – with all the rinsing and washing and folding laundry and making phone calls, Kyle was home from school .. where did the day go??

Images are clickable for larger


Matthew's yellow


borders - backing


spinner gray??

I just love how the yellow came out for Matthew’s quilt .. so bright and cheery 😀 .. I’m very pleased with this one. Now the borders for Erica’s are brighter than I wanted them to be .. I did a double dye for both of these – they started out in separate bags, and then I switched them over – LOVE LOVE LOVE the backing fabric for Erica’s .. just LOVE it .. Did I say how much I love it??? The border is on the left / backing on the right. Now part of the reason why the other one doesn’t look as dark, maybe because the bag opened up on me .. **note to self: DO NOT USE cheapy bags .. get the name brand ones The seal just gave on all the bags, but I had lost a lot of the one before I could catch it – and of course, this was in the sink at the time as I was gently moving the fabric around .. jiminybloodycricket!! Now the backing for the spinner quilt was to be blue, but this is almost 2 yards of fabric if not more and well it needed more dye .. see that dot of colour there?? I just might over-dye with that and see what that changes too 🙂 .. it HAS to be better than gray .. this was supposed to be indigo – a deep dark blue! bah .. I an understand a lighter blue .. but gray??? (@@) <- rolling eyes ..

3rd arm?!?

Heh .. well the entertainment value of the night was Kyle going up to Reg and saying, “how do you put all the hockey equipment on?” I’m telling you, it was just to precious .. of course I ran for my camera .. this is just one pic .. you can view the rest of them in my picasa album – of course the dog got into the act as well.

I guess that the real fun came after this .. In the mail today, I received a gift card from my uncle. When he came down last month, we were discussing my computer while on the way to the cemetery to show him mum’s grave. I didn’t think a thing of it at the time – we chatter about all sorts of stuff .. well at any rate .. I get an email from him asking for my mailing address so he can send me a gift certificate .. I tell him, thanx – not necessary (all the things my mum brought me up to say :)), and send my address anyways .. Like my dad taught me to do regarding gifts

He comes back with another email asking me if I had purchased a new computer yet .. I’m like no – I was waiting till people dumped their older machines after they got new ones for Cmas .. long story short .. because of how hard I’m working and the effort that I’m putting in and surviving against some pretty steep odds .. he figured that I needed a ‘break’ and since my current computer was brand new in 2000, that he would help me out 😀 .. I’m still rather shocked about it. The gift card for best buy showed up on Friday’s mail call – since these don’t have a name on them, I of course was nervous about carrying around a gift card with this sort of money on it .. well off we went and got it .. trying to get dinner was a total fiasco (we ended up grabbing dinner to bring home later) So I have a new Mac!!! How cool is THAT! I’ll do another post on that one so this one doesn’t get to stupidly long .. But how do you like my current desktop??? LOL


talk about multi-tasking(!!)

Oh and I didn’t get to sleep Friday nite until around 2am .. yeah I really like sleep, eh? in 5 days I managed to rack up a whole 16 hrs sleep ..i have SOOOO gotta stop doing that!

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “2 days? Where??

  1. Congrats on not dying the whole house when your cheapo bags gave out on you. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never tried dying – but you do tempt me! I, too, love the way that Matthew’s yellow turned out – not too batik-y but not flat, solid yellow at all!!!

    And congrats on the new ‘puter – now I’ll know who to send Mom to for advice when her Mac gets the best of her. She and Dad have had them for several months now, and sometimes, she just gets frustrated because it doesn’t “DO” like a Windows machine.

    I’m off to investigate more non-sewing crafts for giftees. There are still a lot of sewing projects that I want to do but want to give the rooster another day to stop crowing before I pi$$ him off again.
    Bobbie in Texas


  2. Well, Gracie, you can dye fabric for me anytime if they all come out as splendid as yours have! Love that yellow girl!! Great Job. Pic of Kyle and Reg is priceless! Just gotta luv it! and did I say you put a whole new meaning on “mult-tasking?” Sheesh Girl!! Now think about getting some quality sleep time! We all need it! Especially this time of year 🙂


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